Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Story of Owlfish and Family

mama always had a love for owls and everything unusual.
Being "normal" was never her thing.

On an October Friday, she became a mom to a baby girl.

That's little girl became Owlfish.


I'm Amanda. My daughter is Abigail.
Two weird girls out to dominate the world.

Welcome to our blog!


The idea for Owlfish & Family came after I was not only re-introduced to the world of blogging, but blogs dedicated to children and families who keep digital journals of their life's journey. I want to chart Abigail's life from the time she's born to one day show her how much love she's always been surrounded by, be it from her parents, her family, or the many friends she'll meet along the way. I hope you enjoy reading and come back again to visit!

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  1. I think your page is beautiful,Amanda. It's a great idea and I know Owlfish will appreciate it. I cannot wait to finally get to meet her!