Wednesday, July 04, 2012

rocket's red glare

Today mark's Owlfish's very first Fourth of July celebration. Today was also was very very hot! Temperatures were near triple digits here in Georgia. And a certain 8 month old wasn't having any of it. But we didn't let the heat get us down. Daniel and I grabbed Voni and spent the afternoon with Daniel's sister and brother in law, Brittany and Chris.  

 Now before anyone panics about a wild animal being near my baby, THIS DEER WAS VACCINATED. Yes, it is a REAL baby doe. Brittany is a vet tech and was taking care of this doe that had been injured by a car. Abbie loved it and the rest of us just couldn't believe that there was a deer walking around the house. Quite an experience.

My weird self making funny faces due to camera flash...

 The boys' favorite part...fireworks.

Happy Birthday America!

Love, Owlfish and Family

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