Thursday, July 19, 2012

So maybe-

So maybe I have issues waking up in the morning, 
even though I'm now a mom

Maybe it takes near pulling teeth for me to clean my room,
 let alone fold clothes

Maybe I have way too many art blocks for my like

Maybe I prefer skirts to pants or shorts

Maybe I get frustrated (angry) easily with parenting,
and later regret it

Maybe I miss drinking soda

Maybe I wish I had the willpower to be a vegetarian

Maybe I'm still in a roadblock on my life,
and not sure when I'll get around it

Maybe I hate when my boyfriend pays for everything

Maybe I hate depending on people

Maybe I wish I could still fence frequently

Maybe I don't always clean my baby's bottles right away

Maybe I wish said baby would stop growing so fast,
even for a bit

Maybe I have tons of canvas and quality paper that
I haven't even touched since forever

Maybe I know I should be getting better
at photography

Maybe I wish I was as dedicated or willing to work at things
like other around me are

Maybe I want to be back in Hilton Head right now



Maybe it's about the little things,
like the little girl smiling at me right now
holding her butterfly toy in her mouth

(picture from pintrest)

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