Monday, August 27, 2012

wandered here

On Sunday, Daniel and I decided to take a day trip up to old downtown Marietta. I was meeting up with a local lolita to give a costume prop she had commissioned from me, so it seemed like the best chance to have a "just us" day. Owlfish stayed home with her Grandpa Cullen for the day and from what I could tell, she had a good day. But then again, she's always good for her "pa pa".

We showed up in Marietta in time to see their Sunday farmers market. I'm such an old soul, I prefer buying food from a farmer's markets if I can help it. I'm trying so hard to convince Daniel that we should look for our first apartment near the square. I'm hoping I sold him on it! We finished the day by catching a quick dinner at the Taco Mac closer to home.

Beatles records! So many of them in this antique shop, and this box was only one of several! Pretty sure I was humming "Penny Lane" the rest of the day after browsing in there.

Also, anyone else notice with their babies (or any baby for that matter) how easily they are entertained by the most mundane things? Anyone else get extremely giggly when they do. No? Guess I'm the only one. But I took this quick picture with my phone of a certain Owlfish playing with an empty drink cup and talking to it. 

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