Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mommy Survival Guide

This week is still rocky, but I'm starting to see a pattern in the necessities I myself require almost everyday as a mom, and I don't mean things like diapers and clothes. I figured I'd post my top five lifesaver list to make you laugh and to help my frustrations. Some make me giggle, others are no brainers.
1. This movie.
I need to thank the geniuses behind the making of this movie for it's existence. This is Owlfish's favorite movie bar none right now. I probably have seen it over 200 times since we got it on bluray, but I can say it has saved the day on several occasions. If she's very fussy, or I'm trying to get things done, or even if we need a break from each other's presence, pop this movie in and she's all good.

 2. Graham crackers.
I'm learning that it does not matter how many toddler treats or Gerber snacks I purchase, in the end, Owlfish will always go for these. Especially now that she is using her teeth to eat. Also, I've learned they make good on the fly snacks for me too.

3. Red solo cups
These equal easiest (and most entertaining) toy ever. Especially if other toys suddenly go missing...

4. Showering
I will never, EVER take shower time for granted. It doesn't matter if I can't take 20 to 30 minute showers anymore. If she's asleep or occupied, and I can squeeze in a five minute shower, I'm a happier (not to mention calmer) mommy.

5. Burt's Bees Pink Blossom Lip Balm
I received these as a gift a few days after Abbie was born from my dear friend, Brittany. (You can find her blog here.) And now, eleven months later, I am still using it. I rarely get a chance to do anything with my face anymore except wear glasses, so this balm is not only helpful for my dry lips, but it's a cute pinkish color too.


6. The peach tea from QuikTrip.
Seriously. Ever since I went on a no soda kick back in about April, this became my new go to when I was sick of drinking water or juice, I am very picky when it comes to tea (usually, I refuse to drink it, and I'm a sinner when it comes to living in the south because I HATE sweet tea.), but this is a great drink. (Especially with 32. oz drinks being only $0.49!)

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