Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scary Sunday

How's your October been? Anyone ready for All Hallow's Eve yet? 

Sorry for being so quiet over here lately. There has been little access to the internet at home and I have been smiling pretty for the belated costume shoppers and decorators at Party City. Work isn't bad (I do love my job and hope they keep me post season), but it has introduced me to more reasons why I am so misanthropic some days. Nevertheless, it is just another chance to practice keeping my forked tongue to myself and learn to let things go. 
Meanwhile, Owlfish is getting bigger everyday. She has learned the concept of "No", including shaking her head "no" at almost anything and anyone. We are also starting the weaning process to try and get her off of formula. She has added more milk and juice to her diet. Daniel and I are looking forward to Hallowe'en with the Owlfish, especially as it will be Daniel's first Hallowe'en with us. Hoping to make her one of these for the night of trick'o'treating.
But for tomorrow, it's off to the pumpkin patch we go.

P.S. Not to pimp them out or anything, but you should definitely check out "The Devil's Carnival" from the creators and twisted minds behind "REPO! The Genetic Opera". We are absolute HUGE fans of these artists and all they do.

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