Thursday, November 08, 2012

a month and a day

That's how long it's been since little Owlfish became not so little anymore. 
Hard to believe she's still a year old. She has become a complete "toddle monster", toddling around everywhere and insisting she do things by herself, like hold her toys or everyone's cellphone. Speaking of cellphones, she has learned to say hello and (somewhat) hold a phone up to her ear. She also has this cute thing whenever one of us asks "How big is Abbie?", she'll hold her little arms way up high as we say "Soooo big!", which leads to her clapping and saying "Yay!". Someday I'll catch it on film and post here. We've started adding more grownup food to her diet, including pancakes, cheese sandwiches, mashed potatoes, and blueberries. She's pretty pleased with the times she can feed herself and not wait on Mamma to spoon that jar food to her. Hahaha. Either way, my baby's getting big! And we're starting to prepare for the coming holidays, which I am very excited for.

Also, I realized I never posted any pictures from her birthday last month, which slipped my mind so many times. But we had a Rio movie themed party on October 7th (it's not like it's her favorite movie or anything.) Daniel helped me make and pick most of the decorations, while a close fried of mine, Jessica, made the cake. The party was held in a nearby park and much to our surprise, it turned out to be a lot colder than we expected. Our only other bump was after we sang the birthday song and cut the first slice to do the whole "let her smash her face in it", Abbie picked up the entire slice and made to throw it. So when everyone cried 'NO!" at her, she started to cry, fearing she was in trouble. It's was a bittersweet kind of cute. But we pushed through and Owlfish got to see so many special people in her life. It was a great way to welcome her first year.

Miss Abigail Jolene, big one year old!

Isn't the cake fantastic? Jessica is a really talented chef and baker. All of that cake, including the fondant topping, were handmade from scratch by her. So not only is she a great friend, but a great cook. Thank you again, Miss Jessica!

Grandpa Cullen and Owlfish

Miss Jessica lighting the candle.

(please excuse how wretched I look in this.)

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