Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today is coming to an end and what a day it has been. 12/12/12. It's the last repetitive day I will get to see in my lifetime (unless you are like me and believe we get more chances than that!) But I have to say, even though I didn't have high expectations for the date, I am very satisfiedgiddyhappypleasedyayfeelinggood at how wonderful this day was. I'm sure anybody reading this is probably sick to death of all the posts on facebook and whatnot about this date, I was one of them. But today did something for me and I want to share it with you. Just keep an open mind.

Woke up to Daniel greeting me with flowers and a big hug. We'd been fighting the night before, but to see him when I first wake up was more than ok for me. For most of the morning, we kinda just putzed around, playing with Owlfish (who was in a GREAT MOOD today, thank gods!). In the middle of watching the movie Super 8, I had this overwhelming feeling that we needed to get up and just go somewhere. I looked over at Daniel and asked if he minded going to a nearby New Age shop called Simple Strands. He agreed to going, since it had been on our list of things to do for a few weeks. We headed up there, not really intending to buy anything, moreover just to look and price supplies.* After looking around the store for a good bit, chatting with the owner along with a sleepy toddler, I came across this little plate with a bunch of crystals on it. Call me a nut all you want, but I felt the need to look at a few of them. Involuntarily, my hand picked up one spire at the edge of the plate. It looked perfect, but I turned it over and saw a huge chunk missing from it. But right then and there, I felt something calm and beautiful. Somehow, this little rock wanted me to find it. It left the shop with me (paid for, yes) and the day afterward just progressed to something even more fulfilling. 

We went and had lunch at a place we frequent a lot, which resulted in Daniel and I have a beautiful moment with a giggly Abigail and the oyster crackers the ladies at the diner gave to her. She made people smile and laugh that day in that diner. we didn't know any of the people there, but they got to watch and share that giggly moment with us. For a while, we all were connected by the antics of a one year old. When we got back to the house, I must have gone into a weird silence, because Daniel asked me what was wrong. After a moment of quiet, I just started talking about my recent frustrations. But they came so easily out of me this time. And I felt so much better afterward. It struck me in that moment just how lucky I am to have Daniel. How patient and understanding he is with me, despite my faults and lapses into gloom. The fact that he wants  to be there, hear my thoughts, offer such love struck a chord in me today. Even though he had to leave early for work, I was so happy to have shared so many magical moments with him today. 

And Abbie got to nap for a bit on her favorite pillow, so no complaints all around.

Ended my evening today, after Owlfish went to sleep, with a much needed and deeply connected meditation session at 9:30, in honor of the World Unite celebration that went on today. I walked home tonight feeling cleansed and ready to face a new age.

I'm insecure and I have my cracks, but I'll be ok. Today proved that with the power of positive thinking, anything can happen. Label me cliche. I'm happy anyway.

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*I need to clarify something. As you all probably know/guessed, I am a Pagan. My ex fiance, Abigail's biological father, is also a Pagan. We made the decision before Abbie came along and our relationship failed that she would be raised as such. At least until she is old enough and understands enough to make her own religious choices. But Daniel IS NOT Pagan. The beliefs, holidays, thoughts, spells, etc. I post here do not reflect his beliefs in any way. Daniel has his own beliefs and I won't post them without his consent. 

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