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Happy December 1st! Only 20 more days until the Yule begins! 

The holiday season has (officially) started in our house and so far has included Owlfish seeing this movie for the first time and putting on Christmas records most of the afternoon. So maybe I neglected laundry and cleaning, opting for lounging around doing most of nothing with my girl but it was worth it.

By the way, hello there. Sorry for how quiet it's been here for several days. Owlfish and Family been traveling across the southeast for the past week or so. Ended up being invited almost last minute by my aunt and uncle to spend Thanksgiving with their family in Biloxi, Mississippi. My mother's sister recently was stationed there, so it was not only a chance to travel somewhere I had never been, but to see them again (considering we haven't seen her or the boys since thanksgiving five years ago!). My family (sans the boyfriend) packed up an Owlfish and both cars to head down to the coast.  Once again, I was pleasantly surprised at how well Abbie held up on the drive to and from. The only times she got irritable were the last hour or so of driving. But she enjoyed Biloxi, especially the chance to run around outside almost the entire time there. A few bruises and bumps later, she's grasped the concept of running away from mamma.

The day after Thanksgiving, my dad drove both myself and Abbie home to meet up with Daniel, because we were turning right around to road trip again! Since about September, the boyfriend and I had talked about making a road trip up to my home state of Virginia. I hadn't been up there since my grandmother passed away back in 2007, so I wanted to go not only so he could see where I spent time as a child, but also so dad's sisters could finally meet their great niece. We finally decided to make it a birthday trip for us, since we had just celebrated both of ours. Owlfish and I returned home from Biloxi on Friday, repacked our stuff, and left Saturday morning (with the boyfriend :D). 

The trip to Virginia was much longer than the one to Mississippi, but Owlfish was a complete trooper. She slept most of the time to and from. And Virginia was good to us. We stayed at my aunt and uncle's place up there, which was exciting because they have a ton of animals and a lot of space to roam. While Abbie did not get to meet their horse herd face to face, she busied herself with chasing their dogs and kittens around. I got to meet the new horse in the herd up there. (ps. He's beautiful, but sometimes mean!) We got to spend time with my cousins and watch one of them march in the Augusta Co. Christmas parade out in Staunton. Also on the trip, we visited my other aunt and uncle so they could spend sometime with Abbie. Hopefully pictures to come soon. I was bummed out when I had to leave, but I'm hoping to go back soon. Especially since both Daniel and baby enjoyed their time up there as well.

And the time since...well...I've been lazy. There is no other word for it. Other than laundry (which still isn't folded) and the occasional doodling, I have not done much. And I'm disappointed in myself. I really need to get on top of cleaning and getting all this artistic inspiration out of my head for once. I miss arting so often.

Either way, I'm back on the blog and hopefully, I will be able to post pictures from both trip soon.

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