Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

It's Monday night and the final night of 2012. Woke up today with an Owlfish jumping on top of me, wanting to play "cheeez" (her way of taking pictures.) So I woke up, pulled out my cellphone, and started our day with pictures together. But I also got to wake up next to Daniel today and we got enjoy breakfast in bed with a small Once Upon A Time marathon. But all day, as we drove around and cleaned a bit, I thought back on 2012. Even with the many "those days" there have been and the rough patches with single motherhood I have faced, this year was still amazing. I watched my little baby grow into such a big girl, complete with her sassy attitude. I grew as a mother, a lover, and a person in general. My relationship with Daniel is still just as strong as it began and I love him just as deep. Only word for it : blessed.

And with only 2 hours left until 2013 and New years Rockin' Eve going on it the background, I figured I would leave you with a few resolutions I made for my life.

This coming year, I plan to:

*Detox and become healthier. That means no soda or sugar, more water, lots of dancing and walking, and lots of meditation and connection

*Be the best mother I can be to Abigail. Have more play time and meals together. More walks and movie nights. More reading and more hugs. be there for her every step and love every second.

*Be a good girlfriend to the man I love most.

*Get my art business, The Burnt Nickel, off the ground. Which means, make more time for art and creativity each day, even if it is only five minutes

*Start sewing and knitting again. Create new clothing/cosplay designs

*Cook/bake more to get better at it and so food is edible!

*Spin poi or hoop more. (it'll help with the first resolution!)

*Stop being so sorry all the time.

*Let go of anger faster.

*Breathe and enjoy my life every second!

And to all my readers, friends and family, whether we see each other often or don't know each other at all, I toast to you all! I love you all and wish you nothing but the best for 2013! Let's kick it's ass and be rockstars!

Love always!
Owlfish & Family


  1. So sweet. I have a feeling this year is going to be a great one. Happy New Year!