Monday, December 10, 2012

One of "those days"

(a preview shot of a series I recently did, but it shows my mood the best lately...)
The past couple have just...sucked. Been more downs than ups and I swear, I must be having the winter blues for once in my life. Suddenly, with the cold weather came MORE lack of motivation and just an overall dreariness. Daniel's been having his stressful times as well lately. Both of us have hit rough patches in our separate lives and it's doing us no good mentally.

Even Owlfish must be feeling it. She's been much more grouchy, but I'm more likely to think it is the growth spurt that has crept up on us. She has been sleeping a lot and sickish from cutting her molars. Yep, we've reached molars! And she might be having growing pains, because she has grabbed her knees saying "ow!". 

Either way, official diagnosis now is: Seasonal Depression. We plan to try and kick it's ass soon so we'll all be a happier nest. But what are your ways of beating the blues? Please tell us!

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