Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last Photo!

Day Thirty-One

And with that, the January Photo-A-Day challenge comes to an end. I'm super proud of myself that I saw this challenge the whole way through, even if it was only using Instagram. And I definitely surprised myself with some of the pictures I created. I really doubt I'm going to do another one of these for a bit, but hopefully it'll encourage me to pick up my ACTUAL camera more often than my phone.

Today went pretty decently for Owlfish and family. Owlfish had a play date over near Atlanta with my best friend's little boys, which meant there was mommy social time. Katie, girl, it's gonna happen more often!  I love watching our kids be social with each other and it get's some girl time in. Sorry Daniel!! Driving home today, I managed to get this shot of the well-known King and Queen towers in Sandy Springs. Ugh, yes, with Instagram, but at least it looks beautiful.

I swear, I will try to fall in love with you, Atlanta.

And on top of that, a friend of mine (and my first major client!) received my email of the logo and example header I designed for her organic candle and bath shop. While I feel like I could have done SO much better, she loved it! I'm super excited (albeit disappointed in myself) that she is pleased with what I created. Her shop opens tomorrow, so get to looking! Visit The Lucid Libra here!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stormy Weather

Day Thirty

Well, today was quite a day. If you live in Georgia or Alabama, you know what I mean. Instead of cold, winter weather, Mother Nature surprised us with stormy, warm weather that dropped TORNADOES on us. Woke up this morning around 8:30ish to my dad calling and saying we were going to be under Tornado Watch or Warning until the afternoon sometime. 

So Daniel, Owlfish, and I spent the day camped out downstairs. We stayed in pajamas, watched the news, and rode out what was coming. It was a bit nerve wracking, especially after one monster dropped down on Adairsville and caused so much damage. I have lived through a few tornadoes in my life, but it doesn't make it any easier to deal with. But Owlfish was fine, played and chatted the entire time. She only got upset when the weather sirens went off. I think the noise bothered her. We were lucky that the only thing we got were a few fallen tree branches and lots of heavy rain by three in the afternoon. But our thoughts and prayers are still with those who were affected by the damage in Adairsville. Really can't imagine what they are going through right now.

And yesterday's photo of the day. (Almost done with them! Whew!)

Day Twenty-Nine

Monday, January 28, 2013


Day Twenty-Eight

Today was a pretty big day, as it was my mother's 50th birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!! She got to celebrate with long-stemmed roses from my father and chocolate birthday cake(which proved to me I can't handle a lot of chocolate anymore. Oh well, probably for the best!). My mom has done so much and been through so much in her 50 years, and although I have not been the easiest child ever, I love my mom and all she has done to support me. I really don't know what I would do without her. 

My hair, makeup, and mask set for my March Hare!

Meanwhile, yesterday was the fourth annual Atlanta Lolita High Tea (visit here for more info) at Killian Hall. Owlfish, Daniel, and I got dressed up to the nines for this event, who's theme this year was based around Forest Fairy-tales. Daniel and I went as semi shabby-chic versions of the Mad Hatter and The March Hare, while Owlfish was a ladybug. We couldn't convince her to be the White Rabbit. Maybe another year... I am taking pride in the fact we managed to pull together decent outfits last minute, including accessories I made maybe an hour before. But the tea was such fun and a huge well-done to the lovely coordinators who put this on every year. Your work and skill definitely shows. Everyone in attendance looked fantastic in their coords, and to whoever won the costume contest, congratulations! We ended up having to leave slightly early due to a fussy Owlfish who desperately needed a nap.

Speaking of Owlfish, we have learned how to go "Shhh" now, although she puts her whole hand over her mouth to do so. She is also becoming quite the conversationalist, especially over the phone. She likes to talk, a lot! Knows how to go "Hi!" and "Bye Bye" and says it to everyone she meets, even the random strangers at the local mall. We've also begun to not like keeps pants or a diaper on for the matter, which is pretty frustrating. It's to the point I have to frustrate her back by putting a onesie on underneath her clothes or pajamas because she doesn't understand how to open snaps yet. I am praying she doesn't pick that up anytime soon. Also, she drinks with a straw and eat just about anything we do, even off our dinner plates. And to top it all off, she is the official Houdini of our family right now. She has figured out almost every way to escape her play area, no matter what we use to block her in. She's a smart cookie and I love her to pieces.

So it hasn't been bad for a Monday, here's hoping for a good rest of the week! Although guess who isn't looking forward to the upcoming Super Bowl? (Yeah, me. Football- ugh!)

And yesterday's Photo of the Day:

Day Twenty-Seven
Looking Up

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Silence Ain't Golden Here.

Wow, where have I been? Sorry again for the crickets over here. We've been busy with a new Owlfish growth spurt (guess who is almost three feet tall?!), some of us have been kinda sickly, and in general life getting in the way. I've been keeping up more via Twitter and Instagram because it is accessible on my phone  constantly. I've kicked up the job hunting to a new level, sending my resume out to a few places in retail. But I also polished up my artistic resume and sent it out to photographing studios and places looking for art teachers. Still no leads, but I'm not giving up just yet. But between you and me, I will be very happy once I start school in the summer. State's financial aid hasn't been very cooperative yet...

So what's been up otherwise? Well, other than the false hope of snow here in the south over the last week and missing the Emilie Autumn concert (fuck!), a few girlfriends and I signed up to start taking Burlesque classes together in the coming months. I pretty stoked for that, especially since some of my idols happen to be this Glamour Girl, this Danger Dame, and this legend! I'm also happy, because it is starting to set me back on the path the dancing again. Hopefully this will lead to bigger things for me down the road. Good vibes to that. Also, I've begun working on logo designs for a client and her new store, so hoping for good out of that endeavor as well!

Anyway, onto the recap of the past pictures of the month! And I swear I will get better at this blogging thing! Right now, it's off to finish accessories for the Atlanta Lolita High Tea tomorrow presented by Affrilliation

Day Twenty-Six

Day Twenty-Five
(Look at her, guys! She's getting so big!)

Day Twenty-Four

Day Twenty-Three

Where I Sleep

Day Twenty-One

Day Twenty

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Keep up!

Day Nineteen
(aka me testing different filters and designs on my phone)

Day Eighteen

Day Seventeen

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Day Sixteen

Day Fifteen

Day Fourteen
In My Bag

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Summer in January

Day Thirteen

The past couple days have felt more like the southern climate skipped over winter and spring straight into summer. It's been in the seventies! And compared to how freezing it was on my orientation day for GSU, it was kind of a bittersweet change. Although it felt nice to be out and about in tank tops and skirts, I really want my winter first! Owlfish has been a busy body playing and enjoying the weather too, other than on Friday. Friday she had to go back to the doctor for her fifteen month check up. We came home with a grumpy baby who needed a serious nap. But at least she is healthy and growing well.

It hasn't been too great of a week since Wednesday in the Owlfish home, so to try and lift our spirits, Daniel took us to our nearby Greenway trail to walk and take pictures. No lie, I did feel better getting up and moving outside. And got a few decent pictures to boot. Abbie enjoyed the walk until she fell asleep on our way back to the car. I think she may be in the midst of another growth spurt with how much napping she has been able to do at a time.

As I posted in the previous entry, I became an official Georgia State Panther on Tuesday. My transfer orientation went pretty well, although some of it was remedial "welcome to college, here's what happens" kind of information.  But it is definitely going to be different attending a school right in the heart of Atlanta. I'm not really a city girl and liked going to a small town university. But I'm sure I'll adapt to the city. I mean.... how hard can it be? 

And now, for the past couple photo-a-day entries!

Day Ten
To Do
(Be a good mother and lover)

Day Eleven
Television Show

Day Twelve

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Some catching up to do

It's been a while since I've stopped by, but needless to say, I need to do some catching up. But that will have to wait a bit longer. I will leave you with the past few photos from my part in the January Photo a Day challenge I mentioned here and this bit of news....

Guess who is officially a Georgia State Panther?
 This mamma! I'm super excited!
(Granted, i had to push my semester back to summer because financial aid sucks in being on time...curses)

And onto days 3-9 photo entries:

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

Day Seven

Day Eight
I Am... (a Panther now!)

Day Nine

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Day Two


I want to get back to this style of art I used to do all the time. I need to just sit down and do it.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Photo A Day Challenge

Day One 
12:01 am

Hello first post of 2013. And a photo challenge? I figured, why not? I'm studying photography in school. Maybe this will help me get creative and hopefully update this blog more. Going to be doing this with both Instagram (hopefully not often) and my camera. Think you want to give it a go? Check the list out here!