Monday, January 28, 2013


Day Twenty-Eight

Today was a pretty big day, as it was my mother's 50th birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!! She got to celebrate with long-stemmed roses from my father and chocolate birthday cake(which proved to me I can't handle a lot of chocolate anymore. Oh well, probably for the best!). My mom has done so much and been through so much in her 50 years, and although I have not been the easiest child ever, I love my mom and all she has done to support me. I really don't know what I would do without her. 

My hair, makeup, and mask set for my March Hare!

Meanwhile, yesterday was the fourth annual Atlanta Lolita High Tea (visit here for more info) at Killian Hall. Owlfish, Daniel, and I got dressed up to the nines for this event, who's theme this year was based around Forest Fairy-tales. Daniel and I went as semi shabby-chic versions of the Mad Hatter and The March Hare, while Owlfish was a ladybug. We couldn't convince her to be the White Rabbit. Maybe another year... I am taking pride in the fact we managed to pull together decent outfits last minute, including accessories I made maybe an hour before. But the tea was such fun and a huge well-done to the lovely coordinators who put this on every year. Your work and skill definitely shows. Everyone in attendance looked fantastic in their coords, and to whoever won the costume contest, congratulations! We ended up having to leave slightly early due to a fussy Owlfish who desperately needed a nap.

Speaking of Owlfish, we have learned how to go "Shhh" now, although she puts her whole hand over her mouth to do so. She is also becoming quite the conversationalist, especially over the phone. She likes to talk, a lot! Knows how to go "Hi!" and "Bye Bye" and says it to everyone she meets, even the random strangers at the local mall. We've also begun to not like keeps pants or a diaper on for the matter, which is pretty frustrating. It's to the point I have to frustrate her back by putting a onesie on underneath her clothes or pajamas because she doesn't understand how to open snaps yet. I am praying she doesn't pick that up anytime soon. Also, she drinks with a straw and eat just about anything we do, even off our dinner plates. And to top it all off, she is the official Houdini of our family right now. She has figured out almost every way to escape her play area, no matter what we use to block her in. She's a smart cookie and I love her to pieces.

So it hasn't been bad for a Monday, here's hoping for a good rest of the week! Although guess who isn't looking forward to the upcoming Super Bowl? (Yeah, me. Football- ugh!)

And yesterday's Photo of the Day:

Day Twenty-Seven
Looking Up

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