Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last Photo!

Day Thirty-One

And with that, the January Photo-A-Day challenge comes to an end. I'm super proud of myself that I saw this challenge the whole way through, even if it was only using Instagram. And I definitely surprised myself with some of the pictures I created. I really doubt I'm going to do another one of these for a bit, but hopefully it'll encourage me to pick up my ACTUAL camera more often than my phone.

Today went pretty decently for Owlfish and family. Owlfish had a play date over near Atlanta with my best friend's little boys, which meant there was mommy social time. Katie, girl, it's gonna happen more often!  I love watching our kids be social with each other and it get's some girl time in. Sorry Daniel!! Driving home today, I managed to get this shot of the well-known King and Queen towers in Sandy Springs. Ugh, yes, with Instagram, but at least it looks beautiful.

I swear, I will try to fall in love with you, Atlanta.

And on top of that, a friend of mine (and my first major client!) received my email of the logo and example header I designed for her organic candle and bath shop. While I feel like I could have done SO much better, she loved it! I'm super excited (albeit disappointed in myself) that she is pleased with what I created. Her shop opens tomorrow, so get to looking! Visit The Lucid Libra here!

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