Saturday, January 26, 2013

Silence Ain't Golden Here.

Wow, where have I been? Sorry again for the crickets over here. We've been busy with a new Owlfish growth spurt (guess who is almost three feet tall?!), some of us have been kinda sickly, and in general life getting in the way. I've been keeping up more via Twitter and Instagram because it is accessible on my phone  constantly. I've kicked up the job hunting to a new level, sending my resume out to a few places in retail. But I also polished up my artistic resume and sent it out to photographing studios and places looking for art teachers. Still no leads, but I'm not giving up just yet. But between you and me, I will be very happy once I start school in the summer. State's financial aid hasn't been very cooperative yet...

So what's been up otherwise? Well, other than the false hope of snow here in the south over the last week and missing the Emilie Autumn concert (fuck!), a few girlfriends and I signed up to start taking Burlesque classes together in the coming months. I pretty stoked for that, especially since some of my idols happen to be this Glamour Girl, this Danger Dame, and this legend! I'm also happy, because it is starting to set me back on the path the dancing again. Hopefully this will lead to bigger things for me down the road. Good vibes to that. Also, I've begun working on logo designs for a client and her new store, so hoping for good out of that endeavor as well!

Anyway, onto the recap of the past pictures of the month! And I swear I will get better at this blogging thing! Right now, it's off to finish accessories for the Atlanta Lolita High Tea tomorrow presented by Affrilliation

Day Twenty-Six

Day Twenty-Five
(Look at her, guys! She's getting so big!)

Day Twenty-Four

Day Twenty-Three

Where I Sleep

Day Twenty-One

Day Twenty

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