Sunday, January 13, 2013

Summer in January

Day Thirteen

The past couple days have felt more like the southern climate skipped over winter and spring straight into summer. It's been in the seventies! And compared to how freezing it was on my orientation day for GSU, it was kind of a bittersweet change. Although it felt nice to be out and about in tank tops and skirts, I really want my winter first! Owlfish has been a busy body playing and enjoying the weather too, other than on Friday. Friday she had to go back to the doctor for her fifteen month check up. We came home with a grumpy baby who needed a serious nap. But at least she is healthy and growing well.

It hasn't been too great of a week since Wednesday in the Owlfish home, so to try and lift our spirits, Daniel took us to our nearby Greenway trail to walk and take pictures. No lie, I did feel better getting up and moving outside. And got a few decent pictures to boot. Abbie enjoyed the walk until she fell asleep on our way back to the car. I think she may be in the midst of another growth spurt with how much napping she has been able to do at a time.

As I posted in the previous entry, I became an official Georgia State Panther on Tuesday. My transfer orientation went pretty well, although some of it was remedial "welcome to college, here's what happens" kind of information.  But it is definitely going to be different attending a school right in the heart of Atlanta. I'm not really a city girl and liked going to a small town university. But I'm sure I'll adapt to the city. I mean.... how hard can it be? 

And now, for the past couple photo-a-day entries!

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