Sunday, February 03, 2013

Hello February

Hope you have had a splendid weekend. We have over here! Spent Thursday in Atlanta with my best friend Katie for a play date with her two boys and Owlfish. As they day came to and end and the kiddos started to get on the grumpy side, we (being the crazy single mommies we are!) kinda figured, "Well, let's just make it a weekend thing?" It had been a while since Katie and I hadn't had a good period of hangout time.  We both met and lived out in Carrollton while I was attending West Georgia. So when I moved away in 2011 after discovering I was pregnant, periods of seeing each other became few and far between, purely because of distance. So now that she is living up this way with her boy, we took full advantage of the weekend together. Daniel, Owlfish, and I came over Friday afternoon and stayed until this morning. It was mostly the three of us, Katie, and her bunch, although her youngest kiddo left us to spend time with his grandparents overnight!.(We missed you, boo-booski!) It was a good weekend for catching up, letting our kids be kids, getting in some girl time at the gym, and such. Highlight of the weekend was a family day at Piedmont Park downtown Saturday afternoon, before Daniel and I left to attend a birthday party for a friend while Owlfish stayed with her "Auntie Kay". It was a great weekend that ended too soon! Here are a few photos and instas from that day.

Have a great week!

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