Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In the Jungle of Nool

So recently, Owlfish received a great gift from her grandparents. She got a Nook eReader! Normally, I'm against giving technology to kids under certain ages just because I think they can survive without them. But this has made Abbie's world having this, because all of her Dr. Seuss book talk to her! The children's books via Nook have a choice of auto-play, so it will read her the story out loud and turn the pages All the while, she can tap the screen and if she taps a wall, the word WALL pops up. If she taps water, WATER pops up. So she is learning the words as well. It is a joy to watch her get so into the stories and chatter on and on while watching. Her nook has not left her side in days until last night, when I put my foot down and put it away for a night so she could maybe go back to looking at a physical book before bed. No dice. Oh well. So maybe this little tablet was a godsend. Thank you , Grandma and Grandpa!

In other news, went bridal dress shopping for my friend Becky on Monday to help her look for wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses. Owlfish came with and got to try on flower girl dresses. It was a rewarding trip, albeit a little disappointing because I still unfortunately cannot fit into most of those dresses yet. (I need to get my lazy ass in gear, for serious.) The staff at Anya's Bridal in Atlanta were fantastic and I definitely recommend going there if you are looking for dresses!

Well, Owlfish is in bed, Daniel is at work, so it's back to finishing Valentine's Day gifts and avoiding this constant rain here in the south. Hope your week has begun well!

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