Saturday, February 16, 2013

Things I'm Obsessed With: Part Two

Vintage Film Cameras
This weeks TIOW is all about film cameras. (Ahem, pay no attention to the Nikon bag lurking in the corner.) And no, this is not a testament to being trendy, so put your hipster glasses down and step away from the vegan shoe wear. 

 You may recognize the instagram above from my January Photo-A-Day challenge, but this is my actual collection, minus the recent additions of two Olympus 35mms and a Polaroid 300. There's a Holga 120 mm, 1982 Polaroid 600, a handmade pinhole camera from high school, my late grandfather's early 1950s Kodak Brownie, 80s era Kodak 600, and a LoFi 800 box camera (the chocolate milk carton). I plan to add much, much more.

I started getting into photography in middle school because of my dad. He's been pretty big into the craft for a while and has always been the family photographer. I was always wandering around with a disposable Kodak camera, snapping random pictures of friends, flowers, trash, pretending I was some great photographer like Ansel Adams or O. Winston Link. (Funny story about him, I should tell you one day.) Then, around 7th grade, I got one of those Polaroid Izone cameras for my birthday and got hooked on instant film. Since then, I have gone into studying photography for a BFA degree and have slowly started collecting along the way, be it for school or old family treasures. As much as I love my Nikon DSLR, digital work never held the same allure for me that film does. And the surprise of the film camera is an added bonus. The surprise image you don't see until it is developed. The fuzzy vignettes. The light leaks. Each is their own character and gives you different results. Film just looks and feels real to me compared to digital. 

So, I think if you want to get curious, look into getting a film camera, nothing digital. I'll bet your parents or grandparents might still have one gathering dust somewhere. Or if all else fails and you feel very brave, go get a disposable one (they still exist) or a pinhole camera kit. Surprise yourself with what film has to offer!

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