Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We decided to run away

So last Thursday, while we were out eating, Daniel and I looked at each other and sort of asked "Why don't we just get out of here?" We were both starting to feel claustrophobic with life and it was showing. So we agreed that when we could, we were going to get away for a bit. Well, that time came yesterday. The day for our bandit trip. We woke up at 6 am, packed what we needed for a day, including Owlfish, and left. We ended up in Helen, Georgia, this little Bavarian tourist trap in Blue Ridge. It was snowing and cold (a certain little girl was determined to not stay bundled up!), but off season so there weren't too many people. It was what we needed. Just time together with Abbie, away from life. So here's a couple instagrams and Polaroids from that day. I wish I had a decent scanner for the polas, but a snapshot of them will have to do for now.

Also, today is a very important day in the fight for marriage equality up at the Supreme Court. The fight for LBGTQ rights. Love, marriage,and family is not a privilege.  It is a right. It is more than just showing picture support. Owlfish and family support equality and love. You should too. 
Be the voice. Be the fighter. Everyone deserves and belongs to love.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring is here (well, kind of)

Happy Spring and a belated Ostara! It's been a bit since I last posted, but needless to say, I've got a lot to update on. Like for starters, it isn't really spring here yet in the south. Ostara day (March 20th) was actually quite nice, with sun and an easy temperature outside. But then, winter decided she wasn't finished with us yet. Cold weather, rain, and even tornadoes. Somebody needs to give Mother Nature a ring and remind her that winter has overstayed her welcome.It's weird for me to be saying I'm ready for warmer and sunnier weather. I usually detest it. 

But our little bunch made the most of the first day of spring. We went out to eat together for the first time in a few months at this great place near me called Fresh 2 Order and got a few more errands done as well. It was great to finally have a bit of a slower day, considering we had been fast paced the last two weeks, with two back to back conventions and serious travel time into the city. Speaking of which, it has been a week since I premiered my art business, The Burnt Nickel, at a con. And too my surprise, it went really well. 
(A mock up of my table I did the night before the con)

As I posted in my last entry, the con we were attending was Furry Weekend Atlanta, which was held Friday, March 15 to Sunday the 17th. Two reasons I chose to host my first table there were because of friends I have in the convention/fandom and hosting an art table was free. Normally, most cons I attended require a payment to have a place in the Alley. Daniel, Owlfish, and I only went Saturday, which was enough to host my table, get the experience and my name out, and see friends at the same time. I only sold one piece of work, but I held a pretty successful raffle for free art (which I am nearly done with for the winner!). Also, plenty of people took my business card and I got to talk with many potential buyers and other artists. It was definitely overwhelming at times, with just sitting there with thousands of people passing by the table. That and the hotel was huge! But the three of us managed and Owlfish proved once again to be a tough little trooper. She was more fascinated by the people dressed up in fur suits than she was with wanting to hang with me. I am forever chopped liver, but that's okay. :)

Owlfish is once again proving she is just non stop now. She insists on holding my iPhone or any phone to talk to whoever is on the other line. What's more, she actually will say hi, chat with other person (granted, babbling for her), and say bye with a kiss when she is done. Uh, hello?! We've started to eat more vegetables than fruit and discovered the wonderful world of goldfish snacks. And to my joy and her sadness, her beloved Rio movie (remember her birthday?) bit the dust. After nearly two years of watching it every night before bed, the DVD has stopped working. So we've moved onto Tangled until I can replace the dvd, which won't be for a bit and I am going to enjoy that time. :)
Otherwise, my lesson at Studio Burlesque was cancelled this week due to our teacher having her anniversary, but she and the studio been busy with the wonderful Southern Fried Burlesque Festwhich ends tomorrow. I've had the good fortune to attend it before, but it just wasn't going to happen this year. Oh well, always next year to look forward to. Either way, I can't wait to get back to the studio this week.

Hope your spring has started off well. I am hoping life will slow down just a little bit over here. I could use a break!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Learning to Adapt

Happy Pi Day!!

This past weekend was Momocon 2013. And by some miracle, Daniel, Owlfish, and I manage to attend and have a decent time using only one badge. It was easier financially than to get two badges, and while it required a lot of separating to see everything there, it was okay.

Momocon, for the readers who don't know, is an Anime convention here in Georgia that was once run out of Georgia Tech. At one point, it was the largest free convention in the south. But since it's grown in size, it has to move venues to support the growing fandom and attendees. Unfortunately, with the constant venue hopping, disorganization happens, along with problems. I've been attending the con since 2009 and this is the first year I was a little letdown by it. The con was held in the Hilton Atlanta this time, and although I know it can't be helped with choosing hotels, the Hilton was just far too cramped. (Granted, we were trying to navigate a stroller and a toddler, so maybe that's a moot point.) I was even more disappointed by the behavior of the con-goers this year (hence a long tirade I made via facebook). I know I should expect to much maturity when it comes to these type conventions, as the age range is vast, but it was just ridiculous this year. And I give much respect to the staff and event coordinators for all their hard work and ability to handle such, because gods know I wouldn't have the patience!

Nevertheless, the three of us managed pretty well the whole weekend. It was also Abbie's very first time on the MARTA train, as pictured int he instagrams above. She wasn't too sure of it at first, but after a while, she grew to enjoy it and the people coming and going. Our only down time was the ride home Friday, when someone decided to scream and fuss the whole way back because she wasn't getting to hold the goldfish snack bag. That and the fact many of the MARTA stations are barely stroller accessible  which is a pain. The convention also gave us a chance to see Abbie's godmother, Angie, for the first time in a few months. Also an chance to see Aunt Voni and other friends of ours, some we normally don't get to see unless it's con season. So it wasn't too terrible of a weekend. We were very tired by the time it ended, needless to say. And there's another con coming up quickly!

If this weekend didn't teach me about having to adapt with a toddler, Tuesday night surely did. Due to unforeseen plans, baby had to come with me and my girlfriends to our Burlesque lesson. I have to say I am really lucky to have such flexible friends to help when things get tough. The lesson still went fantastic and Abbie got to join in some of the warm up walks since she decided to be clingy the entire time. If nothing else, she certainly is a ham in a crowd.

Well, I have a lot to do in prep for an upcoming con this weekend. Furry Weekend Atlanta is happening and although we are only attending on Saturday (again, cheap to do), I am hosting my very first Artist Alley table to sell some of my work. It's going to be a new experience and I hope I manage to sell something (or at least find new photo clients!)

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

We sit in buckets

So yesterday, Uncle Cody came to visit and meet Owlfish for the first time. Cody is one of my closest friends and I haven't seen him in nearly 3 years due to both of us moving away. What surprised me the most during the day was how social Abbie was. Normally, with people she's never met, she's like any other cautious child and just kind of eyes them and doesn't say anything. Sometimes, we can barely get her to say hi to anyone but myself, Daniel, or close family. But suddenly, little miss Chatterbox could not sit still or talk enough. She had to show Cody everything and talk to him about everything in her baby speak. It's was impressive and just downright adorable. 
Last night also marks my third lesson with Studio Burlesque in Atlanta. Thanks to my wonderful friend Captain Reimina of Amethyst Valley for shooting me the Living Social deal on this! I am having such a blast learning and it is turning out to be a better workout than I expected. And a great excuse to hang out with girlfriends. The teacher I'm learning with is fantastic and has worked with many performances such as Southern Fried Sideshow. My next lesson is Tuesday and I can't wait. It's really helping me kick start my dancing again and I'm looking forward to signing up for further lessons after the trial period is up. I'd like to see where I can go with this.
Well, this week also means the Momo Con 2013 is happening. Spring Con season has finally arrived. Hopefully I'll see my fellow nerd and cosplayers there! I'll be the one in sweats photographing everyone.

(Info on Studio Burlesque Atlanta here)

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Things I'm Obsessed With

A day late, but I was attending the funeral yesterday of a family I knew a few years ago who lost their eldest son. It was a strange experience to set foot in a Catholic church again (I haven't been in one for years since I changed faiths) and I won't lie that I was nervous, if not scared to be back. But worse was watching ( and feeling ) the sadness and loss that day. It affected me even if I was not close with the son. Let's just say I spent the rest of yesterday in cleansing silence. Rest in Peace, Gregory. You can rest easy now, man. 
But enough of that.
I promise I would double up on my obsessions post this week, so let's talk about:

Tea and Tea Parties

Maybe it's my love and collection of anything Alice. Maybe it's the elegance of the gatherings long past. Or the excuse to be pretty. Maybe I never grew up from pretend. But I loveLOVELOVE anything tea party related (this does not include anything political.) Now, I should say this. Before I got pregnant, I HATED tea. I hated the taste and most smells of it. And living in the South, I commit the biggest sin of all by hating cold sweet tea. I just thought it was icky. In all my tea parties growing up and with friends, I had either just plain milk or hot chocolate. But when I was pregnant with Abbie, I suddenly wanted all the tea. Except sweet tea, I still hate it. And that habit has stuck around. I drink a lot of hot tea regularly and even though I'm in my mid-twenties, I still love going to and throwing tea parties. (Remember this post?) It's been beneficial to my health and who doesn't love tea time outings with those your close to? Which leads into part two of the obsession. Along with my Alice collections, I collect teacups, tea pots, tea sets, the works. I have a hodgepodge of the items. From Japanese to futuristic. Victorian to rustic. Some have been used, others haven't yet. I say yet because I have every intention of using my sets at least once. Thrifting is something Daniel and I do with Owlfish on weekends or his days off if we have the chance. And I never pass up the chance to purchase new cups and saucers if the opportunity rises. Sadly, most of my collections are in boxes because I have nowhere to put them. But that'll change one day. Hopefully!

Old phone picture of one of my Japanese tea sets, given to me by my late Memaw.

(picture above from We <3 It)

Friday, March 01, 2013

Echo, echo, echo.

Hello, I'm back. Sorry for the silence and cryptic blog post, but I promise everything has been okay! No big changes, no sudden disasters. Just been keeping pretty busy for a good bit around here what with Owlfish now breaking into full toddler mode, I have started burlesque dance classes (SO fun!), and spring is almost here. (even though right now there are tiny snowflakes dancing about outside if you can believe that.) 

Also, I know I missed last weeks "Thing I'm Obsessed With" post, so I'm going to double it up on tomorrow's post. I'm also starting to plan some major projects to help build my artistic portfolio and may even be attempting my first art sell table at an upcoming convention here in Atlanta. And I might even be planning some more featured posts here too. So I will keep you all updated on that! 

Yes, lame post is lame, but I'm still here! Hope everyone is having a good start to the month of March!