Thursday, March 14, 2013

Learning to Adapt

Happy Pi Day!!

This past weekend was Momocon 2013. And by some miracle, Daniel, Owlfish, and I manage to attend and have a decent time using only one badge. It was easier financially than to get two badges, and while it required a lot of separating to see everything there, it was okay.

Momocon, for the readers who don't know, is an Anime convention here in Georgia that was once run out of Georgia Tech. At one point, it was the largest free convention in the south. But since it's grown in size, it has to move venues to support the growing fandom and attendees. Unfortunately, with the constant venue hopping, disorganization happens, along with problems. I've been attending the con since 2009 and this is the first year I was a little letdown by it. The con was held in the Hilton Atlanta this time, and although I know it can't be helped with choosing hotels, the Hilton was just far too cramped. (Granted, we were trying to navigate a stroller and a toddler, so maybe that's a moot point.) I was even more disappointed by the behavior of the con-goers this year (hence a long tirade I made via facebook). I know I should expect to much maturity when it comes to these type conventions, as the age range is vast, but it was just ridiculous this year. And I give much respect to the staff and event coordinators for all their hard work and ability to handle such, because gods know I wouldn't have the patience!

Nevertheless, the three of us managed pretty well the whole weekend. It was also Abbie's very first time on the MARTA train, as pictured int he instagrams above. She wasn't too sure of it at first, but after a while, she grew to enjoy it and the people coming and going. Our only down time was the ride home Friday, when someone decided to scream and fuss the whole way back because she wasn't getting to hold the goldfish snack bag. That and the fact many of the MARTA stations are barely stroller accessible  which is a pain. The convention also gave us a chance to see Abbie's godmother, Angie, for the first time in a few months. Also an chance to see Aunt Voni and other friends of ours, some we normally don't get to see unless it's con season. So it wasn't too terrible of a weekend. We were very tired by the time it ended, needless to say. And there's another con coming up quickly!

If this weekend didn't teach me about having to adapt with a toddler, Tuesday night surely did. Due to unforeseen plans, baby had to come with me and my girlfriends to our Burlesque lesson. I have to say I am really lucky to have such flexible friends to help when things get tough. The lesson still went fantastic and Abbie got to join in some of the warm up walks since she decided to be clingy the entire time. If nothing else, she certainly is a ham in a crowd.

Well, I have a lot to do in prep for an upcoming con this weekend. Furry Weekend Atlanta is happening and although we are only attending on Saturday (again, cheap to do), I am hosting my very first Artist Alley table to sell some of my work. It's going to be a new experience and I hope I manage to sell something (or at least find new photo clients!)

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