Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring is here (well, kind of)

Happy Spring and a belated Ostara! It's been a bit since I last posted, but needless to say, I've got a lot to update on. Like for starters, it isn't really spring here yet in the south. Ostara day (March 20th) was actually quite nice, with sun and an easy temperature outside. But then, winter decided she wasn't finished with us yet. Cold weather, rain, and even tornadoes. Somebody needs to give Mother Nature a ring and remind her that winter has overstayed her welcome.It's weird for me to be saying I'm ready for warmer and sunnier weather. I usually detest it. 

But our little bunch made the most of the first day of spring. We went out to eat together for the first time in a few months at this great place near me called Fresh 2 Order and got a few more errands done as well. It was great to finally have a bit of a slower day, considering we had been fast paced the last two weeks, with two back to back conventions and serious travel time into the city. Speaking of which, it has been a week since I premiered my art business, The Burnt Nickel, at a con. And too my surprise, it went really well. 
(A mock up of my table I did the night before the con)

As I posted in my last entry, the con we were attending was Furry Weekend Atlanta, which was held Friday, March 15 to Sunday the 17th. Two reasons I chose to host my first table there were because of friends I have in the convention/fandom and hosting an art table was free. Normally, most cons I attended require a payment to have a place in the Alley. Daniel, Owlfish, and I only went Saturday, which was enough to host my table, get the experience and my name out, and see friends at the same time. I only sold one piece of work, but I held a pretty successful raffle for free art (which I am nearly done with for the winner!). Also, plenty of people took my business card and I got to talk with many potential buyers and other artists. It was definitely overwhelming at times, with just sitting there with thousands of people passing by the table. That and the hotel was huge! But the three of us managed and Owlfish proved once again to be a tough little trooper. She was more fascinated by the people dressed up in fur suits than she was with wanting to hang with me. I am forever chopped liver, but that's okay. :)

Owlfish is once again proving she is just non stop now. She insists on holding my iPhone or any phone to talk to whoever is on the other line. What's more, she actually will say hi, chat with other person (granted, babbling for her), and say bye with a kiss when she is done. Uh, hello?! We've started to eat more vegetables than fruit and discovered the wonderful world of goldfish snacks. And to my joy and her sadness, her beloved Rio movie (remember her birthday?) bit the dust. After nearly two years of watching it every night before bed, the DVD has stopped working. So we've moved onto Tangled until I can replace the dvd, which won't be for a bit and I am going to enjoy that time. :)
Otherwise, my lesson at Studio Burlesque was cancelled this week due to our teacher having her anniversary, but she and the studio been busy with the wonderful Southern Fried Burlesque Festwhich ends tomorrow. I've had the good fortune to attend it before, but it just wasn't going to happen this year. Oh well, always next year to look forward to. Either way, I can't wait to get back to the studio this week.

Hope your spring has started off well. I am hoping life will slow down just a little bit over here. I could use a break!

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