Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We decided to run away

So last Thursday, while we were out eating, Daniel and I looked at each other and sort of asked "Why don't we just get out of here?" We were both starting to feel claustrophobic with life and it was showing. So we agreed that when we could, we were going to get away for a bit. Well, that time came yesterday. The day for our bandit trip. We woke up at 6 am, packed what we needed for a day, including Owlfish, and left. We ended up in Helen, Georgia, this little Bavarian tourist trap in Blue Ridge. It was snowing and cold (a certain little girl was determined to not stay bundled up!), but off season so there weren't too many people. It was what we needed. Just time together with Abbie, away from life. So here's a couple instagrams and Polaroids from that day. I wish I had a decent scanner for the polas, but a snapshot of them will have to do for now.

Also, today is a very important day in the fight for marriage equality up at the Supreme Court. The fight for LBGTQ rights. Love, marriage,and family is not a privilege.  It is a right. It is more than just showing picture support. Owlfish and family support equality and love. You should too. 
Be the voice. Be the fighter. Everyone deserves and belongs to love.

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