Wednesday, March 06, 2013

We sit in buckets

So yesterday, Uncle Cody came to visit and meet Owlfish for the first time. Cody is one of my closest friends and I haven't seen him in nearly 3 years due to both of us moving away. What surprised me the most during the day was how social Abbie was. Normally, with people she's never met, she's like any other cautious child and just kind of eyes them and doesn't say anything. Sometimes, we can barely get her to say hi to anyone but myself, Daniel, or close family. But suddenly, little miss Chatterbox could not sit still or talk enough. She had to show Cody everything and talk to him about everything in her baby speak. It's was impressive and just downright adorable. 
Last night also marks my third lesson with Studio Burlesque in Atlanta. Thanks to my wonderful friend Captain Reimina of Amethyst Valley for shooting me the Living Social deal on this! I am having such a blast learning and it is turning out to be a better workout than I expected. And a great excuse to hang out with girlfriends. The teacher I'm learning with is fantastic and has worked with many performances such as Southern Fried Sideshow. My next lesson is Tuesday and I can't wait. It's really helping me kick start my dancing again and I'm looking forward to signing up for further lessons after the trial period is up. I'd like to see where I can go with this.
Well, this week also means the Momo Con 2013 is happening. Spring Con season has finally arrived. Hopefully I'll see my fellow nerd and cosplayers there! I'll be the one in sweats photographing everyone.

(Info on Studio Burlesque Atlanta here)

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