Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Say hey!

Have any of you seen this video circling YouTube? This is beautiful! If you aren't as blown away as I was, well then I don't know what's up with you. Talk about true dedication and creativity to your craft!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Things I'm Obsessed With

Quite overdue for one of these, huh? Well, it's finally back and today, and since it's spring (ish) here in the south, I figured I'd fit the theme. Today, I'm obsessed with:

Amaryllis flowers

The amaryllis bloom. Amaryllis belladonna. The naked lady plant. However you describe it, this flower has long been my favorite one. I have never been a red roses girl, I can't stand them. and I was never big on carnations or daises. I discovered this plant problem in elementary school when I first watched the 1962 version of the musical "Music Man". For those who aren't familiar with this musical, there's a little girl named Amaryllis in it. After the movie was over, a teacher told me that Amaryllis was a type of flower. I went and looked for it in the encyclopedia in the library (showin' my age right there!) and was in absolute awe with what I saw on those glossy pages. It wasn't until much later in high school that I received my first live bloom from a friend who has since passed on. I basically mothered that plant to death. I could never get it back once it died and I haven't had one in my possession since. It's a damn shame, but one day that'll change. I can't ever really say why I love this plant so much, because it goes beyond just the physical beauty of it. Either way, come by my home one day in the future, you'll probably see many of these! I sure hope so anyway.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

P.i.t.a. chip days

So. The terrible twos have been kicking in hardcore and we've only reached the 19 month mark. You know that phrase "Your gonna get your payback when you have a kid"? Yep. I know that now. And I can tell you, I'm getting my ass handed to me amid screaming and half eaten cookies. Owlfish is turning into a big girl now, and with that comes the big pain in the you-know-what days. We have officially dubbed these days as "P.i.t.a. Chip" days. She is becoming extremely sassy and very independent. Hates the word no. Likes to climb on the back of couches and give her food to the dogs even after being told off dozens of times. And I have had to admit defeat quit a few times while trying to find my sea legs with this kind of behavior. To the parents who have more than one child, I tip my hat off to you. I'm not sure yet what to do. I admit my immaturity as a parent here and I have had many nights where I have broken down  into tears and bitched to Daniel because I'm so frustrated. The good thing about this is that I know these days won't be forever. But that's a double edged sword. I know I'll one day miss these days of screaming matches, crunching cheerios into the rug, and taking off without mommy hold her hand. So I am okay with these Chip days. I'll get frustrated, I'll cry, I'll get mad. But at the end of the day, I'll tuck Abbie into bed, hug her goodnight, and tell her I love her. Because I do so much it hurts. I'll get my bearings eventually. 

I am thankful to say that today was not a Chip day. While it was uncomfortable for me with back to back doctors appointments because I finally needed them for myself, Owlfish was very well behaved and Daniel did not have to battle her much at all. Although I think she behaves better for him anyway. But I digress. I have a clean bill of health and a baby who now wants to play with blocks. I think I'll leave it here at that. 

And if you have tips and tricks on dealing with toddlers, send them my way! Thanks in advanced!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

(image found at we heart it)

After so much turmoil in the world the past couple weeks and much stress at home for us here, today is a great day to finally slow down and appreciate what earth has given and taught us. We as human beings take so much from the earth to sustain our lifestyle or to enjoy our luxury that we forget that by doing so, our home is suffering too. She needs just as much love and care as we do. So it's time to give back. Plant new life, recycle, slow down and enjoy. We worry so much about what kind of life we will leave for the next generation that it's preventing us from doing what needs to be done in the present  so our generation can also continue to thrive. Owlfish and Family are big supporters of the Go Green campaign. And you can be too. Visit Go Green to find out how you can take steps to living a healthier lifestyle, for both your family and Mother Earth.

And just for you guys, because I am still a terrible blogger, here are a few pictures from the past weeks around our corner or the world.


Monday, April 08, 2013

Shower time

Hello! It's been a bit since I last posted and I seriously behind on my Things I'm Obsessed With posts. It's just adding to my list of things I'm behind on. (Laundry...cleaning...working, the usual.) But on the bright side, the weather has been pretty good lately, although the pollen has come out swinging this season. We woke up today to see cars and mailboxes had turned yellow over night. I thankfully don't have allergies to pollen, but I'm not too sure about Abbie. She's been sneezing a bit more than I'm okay with today. Daniel and I have also discovered that even though we like car rides with the windows down and the AC off, a certain Owlfish does not. I give you Exhibit A:
Turns out that if we drive with the windows down, she'll reach for the nearest blanket or jacket in the backseat and cover herself up from the wind. It's both absolutely adorable and heart wrenching. Hopefully when she gets older, this will change. 

Tonight also marks somebody's first shower. Usually we do bath time, but tonight (because our bathtub is currently holding a few things that are being moved about) we tried to do a shower. She handled it better than I expected, although there was much fussing and whining. I don't plan to make this a commonplace though. I worried the entire time she would slip or inhale water while I was cleaning her.

Hopefully your week has started out well. Somebody remind me that I need to get better at blogging! For serious...

Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Easter was this past Sunday and it was a pretty quiet day around our house. For one, I was in recovery due to an unexpected ER trip for me on Friday (no worries, I'm ok!). And for another, my sister has also been in recovery, although for her, it's because she had her wisdom teeth removed on Thursday. So with two of us laid up, all the fun fell to little miss Owlfish, who celebrated her second Easter. She was pretty excited for all her gifts, including brand new shoes since she outgrew all of her old ones. She also received a replacement Rio DVD  which put her over the moon. (Not so much for me, I was quite enjoying not watching it everyday. But I digress.) The day was spent inside mostly because it was still kind of wet outside thanks to rain the day before, but we made the most of it. No egg hunt this year, I'm praying for that next year when she's a little bigger.

In other news, spring has FINALLY sprung in our yard. The tulips I love so much are finally open. And the weather has been pretty damn good to boot. It's been sunny and in the sixties, but I've yet to go out and enjoy it. My muse has decided to waltz back into my life and I've been starting new art projects, including a photo shoot coming up. I'll post more details as they come! Until then, I hope everyone has been enjoying spring and had a great Easter, whether you celebrate it as a religious day or not. 

ps. Anyone fall for any April Fool's jokes yesterday? I'm ashamed to say the Google Smell app got me. Oops!