Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Easter was this past Sunday and it was a pretty quiet day around our house. For one, I was in recovery due to an unexpected ER trip for me on Friday (no worries, I'm ok!). And for another, my sister has also been in recovery, although for her, it's because she had her wisdom teeth removed on Thursday. So with two of us laid up, all the fun fell to little miss Owlfish, who celebrated her second Easter. She was pretty excited for all her gifts, including brand new shoes since she outgrew all of her old ones. She also received a replacement Rio DVD  which put her over the moon. (Not so much for me, I was quite enjoying not watching it everyday. But I digress.) The day was spent inside mostly because it was still kind of wet outside thanks to rain the day before, but we made the most of it. No egg hunt this year, I'm praying for that next year when she's a little bigger.

In other news, spring has FINALLY sprung in our yard. The tulips I love so much are finally open. And the weather has been pretty damn good to boot. It's been sunny and in the sixties, but I've yet to go out and enjoy it. My muse has decided to waltz back into my life and I've been starting new art projects, including a photo shoot coming up. I'll post more details as they come! Until then, I hope everyone has been enjoying spring and had a great Easter, whether you celebrate it as a religious day or not. 

ps. Anyone fall for any April Fool's jokes yesterday? I'm ashamed to say the Google Smell app got me. Oops!

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