Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

(image found at we heart it)

After so much turmoil in the world the past couple weeks and much stress at home for us here, today is a great day to finally slow down and appreciate what earth has given and taught us. We as human beings take so much from the earth to sustain our lifestyle or to enjoy our luxury that we forget that by doing so, our home is suffering too. She needs just as much love and care as we do. So it's time to give back. Plant new life, recycle, slow down and enjoy. We worry so much about what kind of life we will leave for the next generation that it's preventing us from doing what needs to be done in the present  so our generation can also continue to thrive. Owlfish and Family are big supporters of the Go Green campaign. And you can be too. Visit Go Green to find out how you can take steps to living a healthier lifestyle, for both your family and Mother Earth.

And just for you guys, because I am still a terrible blogger, here are a few pictures from the past weeks around our corner or the world.


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