Monday, April 08, 2013

Shower time

Hello! It's been a bit since I last posted and I seriously behind on my Things I'm Obsessed With posts. It's just adding to my list of things I'm behind on. (, the usual.) But on the bright side, the weather has been pretty good lately, although the pollen has come out swinging this season. We woke up today to see cars and mailboxes had turned yellow over night. I thankfully don't have allergies to pollen, but I'm not too sure about Abbie. She's been sneezing a bit more than I'm okay with today. Daniel and I have also discovered that even though we like car rides with the windows down and the AC off, a certain Owlfish does not. I give you Exhibit A:
Turns out that if we drive with the windows down, she'll reach for the nearest blanket or jacket in the backseat and cover herself up from the wind. It's both absolutely adorable and heart wrenching. Hopefully when she gets older, this will change. 

Tonight also marks somebody's first shower. Usually we do bath time, but tonight (because our bathtub is currently holding a few things that are being moved about) we tried to do a shower. She handled it better than I expected, although there was much fussing and whining. I don't plan to make this a commonplace though. I worried the entire time she would slip or inhale water while I was cleaning her.

Hopefully your week has started out well. Somebody remind me that I need to get better at blogging! For serious...

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