Saturday, April 27, 2013

Things I'm Obsessed With

Quite overdue for one of these, huh? Well, it's finally back and today, and since it's spring (ish) here in the south, I figured I'd fit the theme. Today, I'm obsessed with:

Amaryllis flowers

The amaryllis bloom. Amaryllis belladonna. The naked lady plant. However you describe it, this flower has long been my favorite one. I have never been a red roses girl, I can't stand them. and I was never big on carnations or daises. I discovered this plant problem in elementary school when I first watched the 1962 version of the musical "Music Man". For those who aren't familiar with this musical, there's a little girl named Amaryllis in it. After the movie was over, a teacher told me that Amaryllis was a type of flower. I went and looked for it in the encyclopedia in the library (showin' my age right there!) and was in absolute awe with what I saw on those glossy pages. It wasn't until much later in high school that I received my first live bloom from a friend who has since passed on. I basically mothered that plant to death. I could never get it back once it died and I haven't had one in my possession since. It's a damn shame, but one day that'll change. I can't ever really say why I love this plant so much, because it goes beyond just the physical beauty of it. Either way, come by my home one day in the future, you'll probably see many of these! I sure hope so anyway.

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