Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day (In Which Mama Owl Gets on Her Soapbox)

Today is a day that people sometimes forget is really about, or at least it seems people in my general town. I see  Facebook statuses talking about the official start of summer, pools opening, barbecues, relaxing on porches and decks. But who gave you those chances? Who gave you and still give you that freedom to do so? Who should you really thank? Not yourself or your paycheck. Not the bearded man in the sky who may or may not exist. Even now, the brave military souls of our country and in our lives are fighting for our freedom, far from home. Coming from a family with many members in the military or have served for their country, including my own brother, it bothers me to no end when I don't see them get the recognition they very much deserve, let alone the payment the deserve. We owe these women, men, and those in between so much and the families who have lost loved ones to war deserve to be honored as well. Memorial Day is exactly as it says. It's a day to remember. Celebrations of pools and fancy grills are annoying. Did my family barbecue today, Yes, they did. But we barbecue or grill out many times during the year if weather permits. It's nothing out of the norm. But we remember what this day is about; it's so close to home. We haven't forgotten. Neither should you. Take a minute from your swim time and put down the tongs. Thank a soldier or veteran. You owe them that much for all they've given us.

And now I will come down from my soapbox. Thank you for your time.

It's been a  pretty eventful long weekend for Owlfish and family. Saturday, we met with friends at the annual Georgia Renaissance Fair (remember last year?). Daniel hadn't been having the best week, so the chance to get away for a bit was too enticing to miss. Little miss fairy Owlfish actually got out of her stroller and walked around this year, although she kept trying to take every pretty thing she saw in the shops with her. That or she'd tear ass away from us to wander without holding my hand. But who could blame her? The day was perfect to be out at the fairgrounds and there was plenty to see. We had lunch at the tea house at the festival and it turns out they had  my Orchard Cherry tea on the menu. For a little extra on our bill, I got to take some home! Most of the time was spent walking and window shopping, enjoying the weather and time with friends (when we weren't aimlessly wandering on our own).  Daniel and I are hoping to go back before it closes after next weekend, so crossing fingers for that.

And last night, the three of us and my two youngest siblings went to the pool in our neighborhood, which had just recently opened for the summer. Abbie got a new swimsuit and I was itching to see her in it. It turns out she had a good bit of fun swimming with us. She was screaming or terrified of it like she was last year. (Granted, she was about six or seven months old and had on a terribly uncomfortable floaty suit last time) She started trying to float on her back, kick her feet to make waves, and would splash at us with her hands. But she would get shivery after a bit, so I would get her out and wrap her up in her mermaid towel and she'd sit in the stroller, watching everyone swim and eat goldfish. See above instagram. I was definitely proud of her.

Other than that, I hope everyone has had a good long weekend! I don't have a "Things" post this time, so watch for one next weekend. :)

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