Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

[muhth-er] noun:

A term of address for a female parent or a woman having or regarded as having the status, function, or authority of a female parent


Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a mother: mother love

Yesterday was the day to celebrate moms. And it marked my second Mother's Day. I didn't make a post about this last year due to hiatus, but in retrospect, I probably should have. Because being a mother is important to me, to my life. I've said it before, I don't know when I will stop saying it, but my life has changed drastically because of my Owlfish. She has taught me so much of myself and of life in general that I didn't understand. It is because of her that I've learned how to love (and be loved)  for real and that's made a huge impact on me, including my relationship with Daniel. But my life also wouldn't be quite the same without my own mother who, although we often don't see eye to eye, has been a huge supporter and rock for me since birth. I couldn't ask for anyone better ever. But I also have my grandmother (both alive and passed on), my aunts, my other mother friends, thousands of moms I have met in passing who have impacted me as i grew and continue to grow. They gave me the example to follow on how to act, survive, and importantly, let go. I won't lie, there are days still where I do wonder how mine and Abigail's lives would be if her biological father were in the picture. How very different, good or bad, things would be. But then I remind myself it is not healthy to dwell, and therefore, I let go of the thought. Was it difficult at first? You bet. But it has gotten easier. I'm still learning how to let go of disappointment in what I thought was what I lost. However, it has gradually turned into the wonder of what I've gained, what my daughter herself has gained. How lucky we are. And I go to bed at night knowing that even if I am never successful with anything else in my life, I know I am successful at being a mom. It's what I was meant to do at this point in my life.

I hope everyone else has a wonderful time with your own mother, daughters, friends, etc. 
Happy Mother's Day
to all moms everywhere! 

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