Monday, May 20, 2013

Things I'm Obsessed With (Also, my 100th blog post!)

It's a day late and that's okay. Life happens. But this particular blog post marks my 100th entry on this blog. 100 posts since I first created it days before Owlfish decided she had enough of my womb. I have attempted (and failed) at keeping blogs over the years. And I've had them all. Xanga, Livejournal x3, Myspace. Yep, been there, done that. But all of them had one thing in common. I never kept up with them enough to even be funny. And most of the time, it was bitchy, angst ridden posts about hating life, hating people, and how sad/screwed up I was. In a weird fits of nostalgia, I'll sometimes look back on old entries I printed out and saved (since all those blogs are long since deactivated.). And I look at this blog and it's surprising I have kept with it even this long. I'm not the world's best blogger, but I'm trying to keep up with it daily. If not for my sake or my thoughts, then to document my little girl's life so that she can have something beyond her baby book to look at later, because let's face it, I'm not sure how keen I am on sharing my paper journals with her until maybe I'm dead. And this blog is becoming a sort of therapy for me at the same time. Either way, I made it to 100 posts. And those of you who are reading this, family, friends, strangers, thanks for sticking with us this long. Hopefully, we'll see you at the next hundred mark.

And now, today's Things I'm Obsessed With is:

Tiny houses
I mean, come on!
Look at that!

Maybe it's my love of fairy tales, cozy nests, shabby chic beds, and or ladies in cottages sewing and baking. But tiny houses are on my list of shit I will one day come to own. I know it isn't anywhere near functional or big enough to raise a sassy toddler or have a future full family in, but it could make a beautiful little studio, maybe a nicer alternative to an RV, or a just because. I mean, look at the interior! That's so tiny and cute. And it's enough to survive and be self sustaining. It's perfect! It's weird that I love these structures so much because I know I have a slight claustrophobia and tiny spaces are not curvy (tall) girl friendly. But I bet I could make it work. If nothing else, it would be a great place to turn off, get away, and recharge.

Here are a few places to look at my favorite tiny homes I have come across on the internet machine over the past five-ish years. One is a shabby chic getaway studio, the other is the girls' actual home! Check out Sandra Foster's tiny house and Ella Jenkins's yellow door.

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