Friday, May 03, 2013

We aren't so little anymore

See what I mean? Owlfish is turning into a bit of a lady, although her hair covered in peanut butter sandwich today might have said otherwise. She is becoming much more attentive to her world around her and is speaking with more words. Example? When she finishes her juice (in a "grownup" cup with a straw), she throws up her hands and says "All gone!". She identifies other "baby" if she sees a young child or a picture of a baby in front of her. And she now will say 'Be quiet!" to many of us. And not without being a bit of a drama queen, there are nights where I will be putting her to bed and she'll cry out to her grandparents "Save me!". Future Tony award winner, I think.
 Daniel and I have also introduced her to many of our favorite films growing up, mostly to avoid watching actual TV (mommy needs to break this habit). Just today, she watch the first two "Toy Story" movies and appeared to really like them. Also found out she really does not like the movie "Beethoven" (remember the St. Bernard dog when you were young?). But she has that in common with her grandpa. Abbie has also started looking at her books more, pointing out pictures on the page instead of trying to rip it apart. With how much progress she continues to make, it's sometimes surprises me to remember that she is only about 19 months still. She's turning into one smart cookie. And needless to say, I'm pretty proud of her.

Aunt Voni stopped by to hang out earlier this week. Abbie was pretty stoked to see her again, since it has been since March con-season since she and I last got together. And much to Owlfish's delight, we have officially received our first set of sidewalk chalk. I foresee many a mess in the future, which probably means I need to find an outfit for her to wear on the days she plays with them that I don't mind staying permanently messy. We shall see!

In the meantime, I hopped the bandwagon and got a Vine account! So if you follow my twitter (see links list to the right!), you might see some little videos crop up from time to time. 

Also...if anyone would like to get me any of THESE, I would love you and send you free stuff!

Have a great weekend!

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