Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Unexpected Hiatus


I appaud and thank all of you who still stopped by or read this poor blog in my unexpected absence. June became a completely hectic month out of the blue and I didn't have much personal time, let alone blogging time. Also, for those who have just discovered our corner of the internet, hello and welcome to Owlfish and Family. Check out the links to the side to figure our bunch out. :) 

With that being said, in short, here's what happened in June of 2013:

-Daniel and I attended Frill by Affrilliation 2013 as staff. We only managed to make it one day due to scheduling conflicts, but it was a great chance to hang out with our lolita and dandy friends. Also some great shopping and meet-and-greet, all topped by a great night of drinks, dancing, and fashion. For more information on Frill, the Atlanta based Lolita convention, visit here!

-I started my first semester at Georgia State University June 10th. Nearly two years after withdrawing from West Georgia, I finally went back to finish my undergrad degree. So far, it's been fast paced, mostly because it's a condensed semester. That and trying to balanced home life and being a mommy is proving to be challenging. But I'm hanging tough. And so are Owlfish and Daniel, wo have been complete troopers the past month.

-Had a fair share of bumps and hardships. Experienced a few tragic losses and made irrational decisions with regards to burning bridges. Not entirely proud of that last part right there....

By the way, speaking of the munchkin:

-We have hit the three foot mark!

-Operation No Binky has begun. I decided it was time to start weaning her off the pacifier now that bottles went out the window about two months ago. So far, it's been slow and I have given in quite a few times. She's definitely a diva baby.

-I recieved my first piece of art from here two days ago. Insanely proud mama:

-She went to sleep early for her tonight. 8:25 pm. I suspect either a growth spurt or lack of daily naps are at work.

Otherwise, Daniel and I are doing fantastic. Still holding strong, although we have had a few disagreeements as of late. Nothing major, but still needed to happen. We've been having some trouble adjusting to the new schedule in our lives with me being back at school, but I think it'll be something that over time, we'll adjust to together. But class was cancelled for tomorrow, so I get a four day weekend! Definitely couldn't have come at a better time too...

Now, if Mother Nature could only hold off her emotions long enough to see fireworks tomorrow, things would be stellar.

Hope you all have been doing well in our absence! Thanks for sticking around!


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