Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Remember this picture? Well, the oddball still does so every chance she gets, like this afternoon. Any bucket or box nearby that suits her fancy is emptied of whatever contents happen to be in it and she makes herself comfortable during her movies. I should tell her no because it's only added to the further mess in this house and it kind of get infuriating when boxes or buckets break because she thinks she can sit all splayed out sometimes. But it makes her happy, so why deny her that? She deserves to be as happy as she wants, even if it's just sitting in a floral toy box to watch Toy Story 3 and chow down on apple rice cakes. I'm a weirdo in every sense, so she can be as weird as she sees fit.

I'm sure you've already seen your share of news, social media updates, and meetings today because of what happened fifty years ago in Washington. I may not have existed then, but it was still a defining moment that echoes to this day. And living in the city where so much of the civil rights movement took place, where Martin Luther King, Jr. and his wife are laid to rest, it means something to me. I've always been kind of a rabble-rouser when it comes to taboo topics, like let's say equal rights for all, no matter who you are, who you love, how you pray, how you suffer, how you are completely you. (I hope you hear me over there, Russia, cuz I'm getting real sick of your shit and I'm not the only one!) And the fact that not that long ago, people like me were fighting for equality that led to the downfall of segregation and equal rights for Black Americans. It was huge and still is. Change like that is still possible for those who want it bad enough. I'm not always on top of my game with my own life, jaded as hell and heavy boots, but I have dreams for a better place for my kid when she's older. In a perfect world, she wouldn't know hate and she could be whoever and whatever she wanted without the fear of social pressure and bullying. But perfection doesn't exist. Hope however does and who doesn't want the best for their child for their future? Hope will always be stronger than fear and I plan to teach her that until I'm blue in the face. Fifty years and there is always still time for better. I know this and so should everyone else.

I'll leave you with this speech and the hope for something more. If not for us, then for the next group that will fight.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sickness and The High

Well, eleven days later, I'm finally able to post again.

As I wrote last time, Abbie had been getting sickly about two weeks ago. At the time, because it was just a low fever and some whining, I thought she might have been cutting molars again. But come Monday the 12, she had no appetite, her fever had not gone down (we were battling near 103 degree fevers!), and she had started wheezing and coughing. Daniel and I took her to the doctor and it turns out not only was she having asthma flare ups, but had the on start of mono! (I don't know how this happens in toddlers, but that is what the doctor said.) After a check up, to be safe, her pediatrician had her do a nebulizer breathing treatment in the office before we left. Kiddo was not having any of it. Lots of screaming and thrashing. It was heartbreaking to watch her freak out because of the mask, and having to hold her still for it. I have had asthma since I was a kid, so I know how scary it must have been for her. We went home with antibiotics, a breathing machine in the shape of a fish for home treatments four times a day, and orders that she needed to rest.

A toddler? Rest? Ha!

The last week and a half have been a roller coaster and that's putting it nicely. It's been beyond frustration and P.I.T.A. chip days. She wouldn't eat much beyond apple sauce, apple juice, and saltines. She did not want to rest. It was a fight the first couple days to get Abbie to willingly take her antibiotics and breathing treatments (of "fish time" we called it). Trying to get a very active almost two-year-old to sit quietly for FOUR "fish times" a day is no mean feat. Daniel and I figured out that if we put in a movie, it distracted her for a little bit during the process. But we also figured out that the only movie she would sit still long enough for is Toy Story 3. Needless to say, watching that four times a day got old very quickly. But it worked, so there you go. Thankfully, her fever broke last Saturday and she started getting a full appetite back the same day. By Tuesday, she was back to running around and playing. We were also down to one breathing treatment at night since it helped her sleep. 

And today, she had a follow up appointment and I'm really happy (and relieved) to say she has a clean bill of health! She no longer has to do her nebulizer, but we have to hold onto it for any future emergency. Since I have asthma, it's no surprise she is probably developing it. Either way, she's back to her old self.

Since Abbie was feeling much better, the three of us went to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta for the day, which has always been one of my favorite getaways. It was not only Daniel first time there, but also a chance to use up my groupon that had been burning a hole in my pocket for damn near three weeks. I'm glad that as usual, the High did not disappoint. The temporary exhibit there at the moment is featuring the Girl With A Pearl Earring by Vermeer, along with art from Rembrandt and other Dutch artists. While wrangling Abbie was a challenge, it was still awesome to finally get the chance to see the dutch "Mona Lisa" in person. Another temporary exhibit we saw there was the "Drawing Inside The Perimeter" showing in the downstairs gallery. It was intriguing to see these works by Atlanta based artists, a mixture of graffiti, drawing, and sculpture giving a new look on Atlanta. Rashid Johnson also has his first gallery showing there and it was a powerful one. If you go to the museum anytime soon, see them all! It'll speak for itself.

School starts Monday and I'm so ready for it. But first, I know I have to get my GD room cleaned. That and a haircut. This long hair is absolutely irritating! I don't know how anyone with long hair deals with it!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Things I'm Obsessed With


Because between having a sick toddler and a couple nightmares, that hasn't happened much around here the past couple nights.

I'm about to go have a chat with my bed. Real entry later! xo

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Atlanta Today

It's been a good week and a half since I had last ventured out to Atlanta for school. I'm currently on a three week "summer" break between summer and fall semester, and so far, it's been kind of blah. Not a lot has gotten done cleaning wise (although I have gotten started!), and it hasn't felt like much of a break to me. More like I'm holding my breath until next semester. With that in mind, my girl Shelbie and I decided it was high time to meet up again. So Daniel, Owlfish, and I did just that. We braved the Georgia heat, took the MARTA back down to Atlanta today, and met up with Shelbie for lunch in Woodruff Park and a tour of her new loft apartment. (Have I mentioned how much I love lofts? That I lived in one briefly in Carrollton? Or that I ADORE them? No? Well, now you know.) Needless to say, I'm super jealous of Shelbie's new digs. Hopefully one of those fancy lofts will be in my cards in the someday future. But in the end, it was really good to see my friend outside of class. Hopefully this will become habit! Shelbie, ya dig?

I've mentioned Shelbie in a few previous entries, as she was my classmate and comrade in both Photo and Art History this past semester. But we actually became very good friends over the course of seven weeks. And it surprised me because of how vastly different we are in many ways. I never expected to befriend someone as accepting as her within the first few days of a new semester in a new place. Those "differences" I saw at first have been something that has made our friendship something special. We just seemed to click. From hours and HOURS spent in the darkroom developing pictures and random karaoke with our class to making the most of the long hours in our dull-as-hell Art History, from twizzlers to dark chocolate, she has become such an important part of my life. And she clicks with my kid! How cool is that? Weird because it's only been eight weeks since we met? So what? I am blessed to be friends with such a life. And as corny as it sounds, I hope that doesn't change. Shelbie, girl, you are amazing and we still need a Pitch Perfect night!

Speaking of the munchkin, she has discovered the joys of FaceTime on my iPhone. We haven't been able to see Daniel too much the past week because of his work, so yesterday, we turned on the FaceTime to call him. Even over the phone, watching how Abbie and Daniel interact is priceless and heart melting. They played peek-a-boo for nearly five minutes and she just couldn't stop chatting to him. Mama was most definitely chopped liver for a good bit, but I don't care. These two make my world go 'round in the best way.

Hope you all have had a good week! <3

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Things I'm Obsessed With

It's been a bit since I did one of these posts, so here we go. This week's Thing's I'm Obsessed With is:

Floral Crowns

Real or fake. These are gorgeous on anyone. Floral crowns are apparently very in with fashion at the moment, but honestly, when you were young, you probably made a weed crown or a daisy chain crown. These pieces just add that fantasy or mythical feel. Flower crowns are everywhere at stores, medieval fairs, conventions, underground fashion, and art. And they are easy to make. The tutorial I've used the most is from Miss James at Bleubird Vintage blog, which you can look at here

And just in case you aren't in the mood to make your own, there are several places online you can find beautiful floral crowns. Here are a couple to choose from:

Enjoy guys!