Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Remember this picture? Well, the oddball still does so every chance she gets, like this afternoon. Any bucket or box nearby that suits her fancy is emptied of whatever contents happen to be in it and she makes herself comfortable during her movies. I should tell her no because it's only added to the further mess in this house and it kind of get infuriating when boxes or buckets break because she thinks she can sit all splayed out sometimes. But it makes her happy, so why deny her that? She deserves to be as happy as she wants, even if it's just sitting in a floral toy box to watch Toy Story 3 and chow down on apple rice cakes. I'm a weirdo in every sense, so she can be as weird as she sees fit.

I'm sure you've already seen your share of news, social media updates, and meetings today because of what happened fifty years ago in Washington. I may not have existed then, but it was still a defining moment that echoes to this day. And living in the city where so much of the civil rights movement took place, where Martin Luther King, Jr. and his wife are laid to rest, it means something to me. I've always been kind of a rabble-rouser when it comes to taboo topics, like let's say equal rights for all, no matter who you are, who you love, how you pray, how you suffer, how you are completely you. (I hope you hear me over there, Russia, cuz I'm getting real sick of your shit and I'm not the only one!) And the fact that not that long ago, people like me were fighting for equality that led to the downfall of segregation and equal rights for Black Americans. It was huge and still is. Change like that is still possible for those who want it bad enough. I'm not always on top of my game with my own life, jaded as hell and heavy boots, but I have dreams for a better place for my kid when she's older. In a perfect world, she wouldn't know hate and she could be whoever and whatever she wanted without the fear of social pressure and bullying. But perfection doesn't exist. Hope however does and who doesn't want the best for their child for their future? Hope will always be stronger than fear and I plan to teach her that until I'm blue in the face. Fifty years and there is always still time for better. I know this and so should everyone else.

I'll leave you with this speech and the hope for something more. If not for us, then for the next group that will fight.

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