Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sickness and The High

Well, eleven days later, I'm finally able to post again.

As I wrote last time, Abbie had been getting sickly about two weeks ago. At the time, because it was just a low fever and some whining, I thought she might have been cutting molars again. But come Monday the 12, she had no appetite, her fever had not gone down (we were battling near 103 degree fevers!), and she had started wheezing and coughing. Daniel and I took her to the doctor and it turns out not only was she having asthma flare ups, but had the on start of mono! (I don't know how this happens in toddlers, but that is what the doctor said.) After a check up, to be safe, her pediatrician had her do a nebulizer breathing treatment in the office before we left. Kiddo was not having any of it. Lots of screaming and thrashing. It was heartbreaking to watch her freak out because of the mask, and having to hold her still for it. I have had asthma since I was a kid, so I know how scary it must have been for her. We went home with antibiotics, a breathing machine in the shape of a fish for home treatments four times a day, and orders that she needed to rest.

A toddler? Rest? Ha!

The last week and a half have been a roller coaster and that's putting it nicely. It's been beyond frustration and P.I.T.A. chip days. She wouldn't eat much beyond apple sauce, apple juice, and saltines. She did not want to rest. It was a fight the first couple days to get Abbie to willingly take her antibiotics and breathing treatments (of "fish time" we called it). Trying to get a very active almost two-year-old to sit quietly for FOUR "fish times" a day is no mean feat. Daniel and I figured out that if we put in a movie, it distracted her for a little bit during the process. But we also figured out that the only movie she would sit still long enough for is Toy Story 3. Needless to say, watching that four times a day got old very quickly. But it worked, so there you go. Thankfully, her fever broke last Saturday and she started getting a full appetite back the same day. By Tuesday, she was back to running around and playing. We were also down to one breathing treatment at night since it helped her sleep. 

And today, she had a follow up appointment and I'm really happy (and relieved) to say she has a clean bill of health! She no longer has to do her nebulizer, but we have to hold onto it for any future emergency. Since I have asthma, it's no surprise she is probably developing it. Either way, she's back to her old self.

Since Abbie was feeling much better, the three of us went to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta for the day, which has always been one of my favorite getaways. It was not only Daniel first time there, but also a chance to use up my groupon that had been burning a hole in my pocket for damn near three weeks. I'm glad that as usual, the High did not disappoint. The temporary exhibit there at the moment is featuring the Girl With A Pearl Earring by Vermeer, along with art from Rembrandt and other Dutch artists. While wrangling Abbie was a challenge, it was still awesome to finally get the chance to see the dutch "Mona Lisa" in person. Another temporary exhibit we saw there was the "Drawing Inside The Perimeter" showing in the downstairs gallery. It was intriguing to see these works by Atlanta based artists, a mixture of graffiti, drawing, and sculpture giving a new look on Atlanta. Rashid Johnson also has his first gallery showing there and it was a powerful one. If you go to the museum anytime soon, see them all! It'll speak for itself.

School starts Monday and I'm so ready for it. But first, I know I have to get my GD room cleaned. That and a haircut. This long hair is absolutely irritating! I don't know how anyone with long hair deals with it!

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