Saturday, September 28, 2013

Life in Pictures

I changed my hair! Copper-headed girl here. Huge thank you to my friend Colleen for this beautiful change!

It's been a month since my last post. Oops. I kept telling Daniel I was going to update the entire time...and I promise I meant to. So much is going on in life right now, some of it really, really exciting!  Stay tuned for those blog posts. But between school, new projects, and Owlfish getting ready to turn two (nine days left!), I've found it really hard to find time for myself and this blog. But here's hoping this will actually change soon. This post isn't going to be much more than a photo dump, but I may start making a habit of these kinds of posts when I have more pictures than words to say. :)

A week ago, the fall season officially began! That means sweaters, hot drinks, leaves, pumpkins, and  Hallowe'en are fast approaching. Along with three certain people's birthdays...! The Mabon day came and with it, there have actually been some cooler days here in Georgia. To celebrate, our little family went to the final day of the Gwinnett County Fair. It was mine and Abbie's first time to this fair. Daniel had been to it once as a kid. And it was your typical kind of down-home carnival. Ferris wheels,  vintage-y rides, food trucks, carnie games, a small circus, a few mom-and-pop shops, and a display of ribbon-winning vegetables and fruit. It was THE BEST. I love carnivals of this nature, and the kiddo seemed to enjoy herself as well. She got to "play" a few games to win prizes and had her first funnel cake. The three of us all even went up on the Ferris Wheel, which had a spectacular far-away view of Stone Mountain, Atlanta, and Buckhead. We had to leave late afternoon because someone didn't get a nap before we came, and although I was kind of disappointed to not see the fair light up at night, there is always next years! Pictures are from my instagram!

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