Friday, October 11, 2013

Hallowe'en Playlist, Number Two

Week Two of the witching month, and it's been a hell of a thing. Got accosted at school by religious zealots (possibly WBC) and informed that apparently my copper hair, bare shoulders, and refusing to take a hypocritical pamphlet qualifies me as a "whore", an "enabler", a "fag lover", and several other fun things. Either way, I'm going to hell with no chance of repenting. (That's okay, because I don't believe in hell.) Their words, not mine. It was a bizarre experience to say the least. Atlanta, you are definitely something somedays! 

Other than that, I've been swamped in midterm exams and enjoying the antics of a now two-year-old diva baby. But rest assured, I have a new 'Things I'm Obsessed With" post planned for this weekend and am putting the finishing touches on my first set of items for sale to raise money for Revolver! (see that post here)

I hope you enjoyed the first Hallowe'en list from last week (and hopefully added some new songs to your iTunes!), and now it's time for the second round of eight songs. This week, I'm including a spoken word poem to the playlist. I know it isn't music, but it's just as creepy as any good haunted thriller. I may include some spoken poems in future playlists as well. My music library is full of them!

Hopefully you have had a good week and have an even better weekend. It's homecoming weekend in this house for both my high school and my college. Go Cougars and Panthers!

Happy haunting!

Hallowe'en Playlist Two

All You Leave Behind - Hannah Cartwright and Ross Tones

Circus Diabolique - Nox Arcana

Ginger Snaps Theme - Michael Shields

American Witch - Rob Zombie

Excess - Tricky

(Bat vinyl found at WeHeartIt, edited with the A Beautiful Mess app for iPhone)

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