Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Yep, October is finally here again. The best month out of the year! I'm always in such a better mood and place mentally when October rolls around. It's such a spooky and fun filled month that has infinite possibilities. But personally, I'm looking forward to colder weather and Owlfish turning two, which I'm still trying to process how a year went by so fast again. Lot's is in the work this month. I have started a new art portfolio, which I hope to update daily with new pictures. I also plan to launch more Things I'm Obsessed With posts, and a new weekly post that should start this Friday in celebration of October and the spooky veils starting to lift. But I figure I might as well get my biggest current news out of the way finally:

If you don't follow my twitter or Instagram, I recently was given a huge honor by one of my biggest idols, Veronica Varlow. You may know her best as one of singer Emilie Autumn's Bloody Crumpets and as one of the coaches from the MTV show "Made". For quite a while, Veronica and her husband, photographer and director Burke Hefner, have been working on a film concept of theirs and trying to make it a reality. The film, Revolver, circles around a couple traveling across the country a la Bonnie and Clyde-esque style adventure. This has long been a dream of theirs, subject of many of Veronica's online Danger Dame diary posts. But now, it is finally coming to fruition. 

Starting OCTOBER 18, they will be traveling cross country and beginning their kickstarter fund to raise the money to begin filming. But it takes a village to raise a town. How am I involved? Well, about a month ago while she was on tour with Emilie, Veronica began a group to help spread the word of this adventure, the Team Revolver street team. I, along with several other lucky individuals, were chosen to represent different states and countries on Team Revolver. This means that we are helping with spreading the word and raising money. I am representing Georgia! Like I said, huge honor and I'm beyond excited for this opportunity!

However, I need your help too! I need this Georgia street team to grow! From now until October 18th, I will be offering handmade items from t-shirts to jewelry for sale, along with original pieces of artwork, in which all of the proceeds will be sent on to Veronica and Burke to help fund their film. I will also be offering half-priced photo shoots and sessions throughout North Georgia! Every little bit helps, even just donations! I'd love to have you on my team to help a fellow performer and dreamer make her brainchild come alive!

But even if you can't help monetarily, you can help by spreading the word! I will be keeping everyone update via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with the hashtags #TeamRevolver and #TeamRevolverGeorgiaUSA. If you could please RETWEET, REPOST, PASS ALONG, anything to get this out and about! I am opening this blog post up to be relinked and re-blogged about, so feel free to if you have a blog!

Every little bit helps and counts! Wish me luck!

Contact me for photo sessions and information here: theburntnickel(at)yahoo(dot)com

For REVOLVER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrNxx3FApwY

For Burke Heffner: http://thingstolookat.com/ or Twitter name @ThingsToLookAt

For Veronica Varlow: http://dangerdame.com/ or Twitter name @VeronicaVarlow

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