Saturday, November 09, 2013

A visit to the High

Artgasm post. Prepare for the nerd.

Tuesday, I was required for my History of Photography class to attend a photo viewing at the High Museum of Art here in Atlanta. The last time I had been was when Daniel, Abbie, and I went to visit the Girl With The Pearl Earring exhibition back in August. Even though it was required, I am never one to miss an opportunity to visit the place and this time was pretty special. My class was given a unique opportunity to view several ORIGINAL photographic prints in the High's archives. Several of these sprints were from well know photographers throughout history, from Julia Margaret Cameron to Henri-Cartier Bresson to Stephen Shore. I even got to see original work by Diane Arbus and Sally Mann, two of my biggest photographic inspirations! I am not ashamed to say I was practically fan-girling all over the room. These were prints the public rarely got to see, some of the the very first prints made by the photographer's hands. Some of them were signed. Some yellowed with age. But they were all so beautiful to see and further education on the visual and phsyical development of photography through modern times. Especially in the three Stieglizt photographs that were set out side by side, from his first work in the pictorialist movement, to his brief stint with New Objectivity, then to his cloud images in his later career. Once our session was done, the class moved on to view the Bunnen Collection, which is currently on the skyway level of the High. This exhibit consists of many donated works of photographic art of modern photographers such as Nan Goldin, more Sally Mann, Chuck Close, Cindy Sherman, and Sheila Pree Bright, whom I had the chance to meet during her GSU lecture back in September. It was interesting to see how my work as an artist paralleled work on view, as I tend to stick to artist black-and-white images. I wish I could have stayed longer to get a better intake of what was there, but what I did get to see was nothing less than stellar. And pretty emotionally charged, but so what? I'm human. :)

Nerding done, have some instas from the day.

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