Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Samhain Suckage

Well, I finally have a few moments to breathe from this recent hectic schedule, so I guess I might as well angst out my life for a bit here for those who are curious. 

Last week was Devil's Night and Hallowe'en, which meant the Samhain nights had started. While Devil's Night went pretty much for the norm, I'm sorry to say my favorite holiday out of the year ended up royally sucking. It didn't start off bad though. Woke up in a great mood and decided to don one of my old character makeups, Misfit Ragdoll, from when I worked in haunted houses around Georgia (such as this one and this one!). I wore it around campus and definitely freaked out a few people, including my British Literature Professor! Mischief Managed.  

But that was about it for the good. Things began to tank around the afternoon and by the evening, changed plans, crappy friends, other useless (see: petty) problems, and then car trouble with Daniel's truck....well, it was not the Hallowe'en I look forward to every year. And I missed out on Dad's decorating of the house for the first time in years, which bummed me out the most. But Owlfish still got to go trick-o-treating and with a friend to boot! Daniel's nephew, Jesse, was her treating buddy for the night as well all wandered from house to house and I fumed like a brat. Abbie and Jessie were such troopers, walking almost all the time, and only really started getting tired around the last two houses That was about the time Abbie rode the rest of the way on Daniel's shoulders. I should also mention that she went as Belle from Beauty and the Beast this year, so her little yellow dress was all frills and glitter. I'm pretty sure Daniel is still leaving glitter trails around the house. Sorry sweetheart, but I'm not sorry! 

It was pretty late in the evening when some of the pressing issues, including the truck problems, started to dissipate, so we mad sit home. Abbie was out hard from exhaustion and candy overload, so Daniel and I did what we did best and got creative to salvage the rest of Hallowe'en. If there's anything I'm thankful of when it comes to Daniel, it's his patience with my attitude and his caring nature. Abbie and I are pretty lucky. We ended up rounding out the night into All Saint's Day with pie, hard cider, and runaway trains. 

All Saint's Day and Dia De Los Muertos weren't too much better, but they weren't terrible. Ended up begin stuck in the house all day because of the truck getting repaired and then Daniel's job rushing him in. Not much celebration happened, just a lot of Disney movies, candy, and a sass machine for a kid. But deep down, I wouldn't have traded it for the world.  Did manage to get a lot of work down for school during this involuntary hermitage, so I guess mission accomplished in a way. 

As for the week so far, being a commuter student in Atlanta is another royal suck and Ai Wei Wei is still one of my favorite artists. I hope you had a great Hallowe'en, Samhain and a good week so far! 

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