Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another year

I've been stuck in bed with a bad bout of cold the past several days and my phone decided to take a dive into some water yesterday. So not only am I homebound for new years, but I'm pretty sure my phone is beyond repair, which means I've lost pictures from Christmas of Abbie and a few necessary files I kept on my phone. I mean when it rains, it pours over here I swear.

But all the same, the year is finally almost over, so maybe this is a last lesson in letting go and being at peace. 2013 wasn't a bad year for me up until the last three months of it, but it was the year of lessons more than others. I've learned how to be a stronger person, a better mother, and wiser with my choices in life, including people. Heartbreaks happened. Successes happened. And most importantly, Owlfish grew and is healthy. That's all I could ever ask for. :)

So here's a quick recap of this wild year on the blog:


Started a photography challenge, and managed to complete it! Joined the panther family at Georgia State. Started burlesque lessons, attended to a clothing swap, and went on a lot of nature walks. The Atlanta Lolita High Tea. Abbie had plenty of playdates with her friends and we battled some wild weather.


Started my Things I'm Obsessed With posts.  Went to the Georgia Aquarium for Valentine's Day and watched Abbie develop her dislike for penguins. Learned some hard lessons about life. 


Had a visit from an old friend. Abbie discovered the wonder of bucket sitting. Attended Momo Con 2013 and had my first artist table at FWA 2013. Celebrated Ostara with my munchkin and found my new favorite drink. Ran away to Helen for a day. 




Went on hiatus and took a break from blogging. Started back at college as a Georgia State student. Attended Frill by Affrilliation convention. Started weaning Abbie off the pacifier. 



Enjoyed between semester break with visits to Atlanta, trips to the High museum, and dealt with Owlfish's first major illness. 


Started Fall semester. Went to the Gwinnett County fair, where Abbie won prizes for being cute. Became a copperhead. Started a Facebook page for my art.


Welcomed my favorite month and life started to unravel. Talked about Ouija boards and became part of the "Revolver-lution". Most importantly, Abbie's Monster's Inc themed birthday and turning two. Hallowe'en Playlists! Celebrated the Samhain and was a brat the entire night.



Stalled out. Had to learn to change and adapt. Shared lots of pictures of Abbie playing and Thanksgiving time with the family. Started rebuilding and moving on. Met new people and got good grades. Attended the Lolita Holiday party and butted heads with my stubborn child. Celebrated Christmas. 

Yep, it's been a hell of a year. And I'm honestly glad it's over with, even if it was only the past several weeks that have really bitten the dust. I'm hopefully for 2014 and what it may bring. I plan to keep up with some weekly blog posts and start using my actual camera more for photo posts. Lots of art projects in mind! 

Out with the old, in with the new. I hope all of you, whether reader or friend, family or stranger, 
have a happy new year! 
And please, PLEASE, be responsible and stay safe tonight! xoxoxo

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