Monday, December 23, 2013

Learning to walk again

We can thank the Foo Fighters for the title today, but that song has been a good motivation. So sue me.

I know it's been a bit since I've posted, but all things considered, I think the hiatus was necessary. It's been kind of weird, yet oddly therapeutic to suddenly let myself stall out, not really moving from my bed, auto-pilot if I had to. The con of it was that it was clearly obvious I wasn't making any  attempt to be active or even decent sometimes. And I definitely slacked on being a proper mom. But I guess that's what comes with heartbreak.  Stall out, be sad, pick up, move on, heavy boots and all. One foot in front of the other.

I can finally say though I'm doing much better and things are finally moving on up. Finished out my fall semester with surprisingly great grades, still maintaining my 3.1 GPA. Once again, I have the best support system to help me reach the finish line. I snagged a job with Picture People for the holiday season, but got the good news yesterday that I am beginning my trial period to stay permanently! Hopefully this means I will start learning the ropes of being a studio photographer next year.

And Owlfish is still Owlfish. We've been dealing with the grumps and terrible twos hardcore this past week; she is all sassy attitude and we've butted heads a lot lately. I think she is as frustrated with me as I am with her somedays. But she is growing and curious, and enthralled with Christmas. I'm not quite sure she entirely gets it yet, but she's fascinated with the christmas tree and decorations. We've also almost reached the no-bink finish line and have begun potty training! I'm enjoying these days with her, even the rough ones, because she will start daycare in January and suddenly I'll be facing longer days we aren't together anymore. She's my constant and I will forever say it: She is everything I need and she is magic.

Here are a couple instagrams and pictures from the past several weeks to enjoy. Now that life is moving forward, I'll be back on more often.

December 14, Owlfish and I attended the Atlanta Lolita Community's annual Holiday Party and Cookie exchange. I'm so grateful to the lovely ladies and my friends in the community that are so caring and patient with Abbie. She adores them. Our outfits from the day! My headdress is a creation by Chelsea Johnson, my dress is Ick by Inkbunny,  and Abbie's dress is from Target.

Abbie's also figured out how to take "selfies" with my phone. I'll sometimes pick up my phone to find 30+ pictures of her cheesing and giggling. She took the picture of us on the left

On the right is a handmade postcard from my dear friend Shelbie, who's been a pillar of strength and a wonderful person to me. She took the photo that made the postcard. She also recently celebrated her 22nd birthday and 6 months with her just as awesome boyfriend! (PS- She's a photographer too! Go check her out:

On the left is a picture of my favorite book, White Oleander by Janet Fitch. Needless to say it has seen better days and I should really consider tucking this away in a safe place and buying a new copy. I just can't bring myself to yet.

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