Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Year in Review

Whew! 2014 is at last almost over. This has been...quite a year to say the least. One for the books and unfortunately, not really in a good way. If 2013 was the year of lessons, this was the year of transition. The year of change. Our most trying year so far. Once again, life decided to throw as many curve balls as possible to keep us on our toes, the universe testing resolve and ability to adapt. 

But we made it. We're finally on the threshold of 2015, hopefully a year of awesome new chances and hope. Abbie is happy and healthy, growing like a weed. I am content with that alone. She tried her best to stay up with me tonight for new years, but only made it tip about 10:30 tonight. But she's still here, my constant. I'm indeed very lucky.

So onto my recap of this trying year as I battle a cold again on New Years (just like last year!). As I said in my last post, I will be making public a few of my private posts from my time away from this blog. As soon as I do, I will compile a list of them for all of you nosy people. One of my resolutions is to continue to keep up with this blog and my columns, no matter what goes on. (And debut the blog's facelift I've been working on!) This blog has been a great way to meet so many new people and network. I can only hope that will continue into 2015.

But here is Owlfish & Family's 2014 in review:


Began a new photography set, the 52 Project. Started spring semester. Made a huge choice in my personal life. Abbie began early learning daycare. Snowpocalypse 2k14, phase 1.


 Celebrated Imbolc and battled cyberbullying. Started potty-training hardcore. Snowpocalypse 2k14, phase 2. Started visiting more art shows and began picking up a camera often. Started incorporating reading every night to build Abbie's vocabulary.


Ended the first retrograde and continued with the 52 Project. Celebrated women. Battled stomach bugs and ear infections. Abbie re-picked up her bink habit (NO!). Went on mini-vacations.


Got a Tumblr. Changed my hair drastically. Became acquainted with the Goat Farm in Atlanta. Learned I had seizures. Owlfish was Star of the Month. Celebrated Ostara/Easter with Owlfish's first egg hunt. Performed my first Performance Art piece and closed a painful chapter in my life. Finished spring semester. Abbie started using pull-ups daily.


Celebrated Beltane. Went to the Farmer's markets. Celebrated Mother's Day. Two of my best friends tied the knot and Owlfish was their flower girl. Began co-sleeping.


Got a new couch at home. Saw some incredible movies. Abbie's hair can now be braided! Retreated to the outdoors to avoid problems at home and made a big move onto Tumblr. My unexpected last post in the 52 Project

July- September 
(The Wilderness Months- view my instagram for pictures from these months)

Home life employed and many issues became worse. Owlfish and I homeless and couch surfed for quite sometime. Was lucky enough to find a new stable job at Waffle House, and see another best friend tie the knot. Started a GOFUNDME to help us out of homelessness that blessed us with so much help and new faith in strangers. Struck out on my own. Started fall semester and Owlfish began early-PreK.


Celebrated Owlfish's third birthday with a Frozen themed party. Moved back home, despite it's continuing instability and familial problems. Continued to hold down a job and attend school, while parenting a bright three year old. Celebrated the Samhain and All Hallow's Eve.

Turned 25 years old. Celebrated another special birthday. Turned in my intent to graduate in 2015.

Life imploded again and spent the holidays in the hospital. Left for recovery just before New Years.

As you can see, it was not the greatest year, although there was as always much to be thankful for. I'm very much excited for a new slate with 2015, which hopefully holds me finally living alone with my Owlfish and, at long last, graduating from my university with my degrees, along with just in general positive changes.

So from both of us crazy girls, to you and yours, 
we wish you a Happy (and SAFE) New Years and a blessed 2015!
This is the year of YES.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


It's been a long absence from this blog for Owlfish and I. Last post was in June, it's crazy. There's been a lot of changes. I know I talk about change a lot on this blog, both in our combined lives and individually, but the past five months have probably been the most trying time for the both of us. It's required us to not only learn to stay strong, but how to perservere and stand completely alone. I myself not only discovered how much growing I had to do to survive, but the power the internet and complete strangers have on impacting change in a positive way. People I have barely known or even met have been our strongest allies when sometimes family and friends have completely abandoned us. 

But in the space of five months, I have managed to learn survival, found a steady, long term job, stayed in school, and turned 25 in a state I hope to one day call home. As for Owlfish? She is potty-training, no more bink, has start learning to read, and turned 3 years old. We've come a long way in such a short amount of time. More on that to come

While it hasn't looked like I've been around on here, I have actually continued posting to this blog, but privately. I turned it into a journal instead of a blog as a way to try and keep myself distracted. And I've decided tonight, on the New Moon, the mark of new beginnings and new growth, to begin posting publicly here again. In the next few days, I will start making a few of my private posts public, so as to better explain what has happened since June to anyone who hasn't kept up with us via Twitter or Instagram. Once I've made public those posts, I will make a blog post to give links to make them easier to find.

This also means I plan to pick up where I have left off with my columns I've had one here, such as the 52 Project, Things I'm Obsessed With, and Library. I will also be introducing a Recipes column in time for the holidays (in partnership with a new affiliate post about this to come!), along with restarting my Year of the Jars beginning in 2015.

So for those who have stuck around, we thank you. To the new followers, we're glad you decided to stop by. Things have leveled out, we're both alive and okay. And now, back to business: spamming you with pictures and stories of a sassy three-year-old and her weird mom.

As posted before, this blog is strictly about my family and creative columns. All my personal posts, private thoughts, NSFW things, and inspirations can be found on my tumblr listed to the right. IT IS NSFW, so you have been warned.

Be back soon, keep checking in. This blog will also be undergoing some facelifting and changes, so bear with us as we transition. <3

Saturday, June 14, 2014

23 / 52

-portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week of 2014-

Abbie- I swear sometimes she's older than she actually is. Taken yesterday on our play date outside where she insisted on using the swing that's "not fer baybees". 

This picture was taken with my iPhone 5c and no edits.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Spooky days

Image by Abigail Larson, found via we<3it

Hello strangers. Welcome to June. And Happy Friday the 13th AND Happy Full Honey Moon! So not only is today mama's token "lucky day", but also, a rare full moon is tonight. Not only is it the honey colored moon, but another Friday the 13 full moon won't happen again until 2049. Guess what? My ass will be almost 60 years old and Abbie will be nearing about 37. How bizarre is that?? Hopefully your day has been full of spooks, black cats, good movies, and some summertime magic.

Apologies for the lack of proper updates. Life has kinda gotten in the way and I've recently had to take a step back from the digital world for my own mental health. Other that chasing a very active Owlfish around (it's definitely summer time), other projects I'm starting on have been on the rise, along with actively getting back into shape thanks to a new personal trainer and diet change. We'll see how this goes! I've kept up at least with the 52 Project (except for the last two weeks, which I have posted as backlogged), but if you haven't seen the new pictures of Owlfish, go check them out on the link list to the left.

Today has been a relatively good and relaxing day. Last night was rough due to family issues, but we made up for it today by spending sometime with Aunt Becky (who's marriage I need to still make a post about!). After fighting a nap and getting antsy with a bit of cabin fever, Owlfish and I ventured outside before a storm came (spooky, huh??) so she could ride around on her tricycle a bit and play at the neighborhood park. You an see how overcast the day was in these pictures and it took my playing mean mommy to get her to come inside before it hit. She's getting a lot better at using the pedals in her trike and likes having a basket in the back for the random pebbles, rocks, and loose change she finds outside. 

This weekend, I plan to make the weekly 52 Project post and a Life in Pictures post to catch up a bit. I'm hoping form here on out, I'll be posting much more frequently and getting back to the weekly column posts. Starting next week though, I'm going to attempt to do "screen free" weekends and unplug fro Friday evening to Monday morning. I need to be taking decent breaks from social media and paying more attention to what is going on around me, especially my ever growing child. 

Also, even though personal things may still spill over here (pagan holidays, fun posts about DIY/Recipes/column posts, angst blogging, etc.), I'm attempting to keep that to as much of a minimum as possible now. Before and after Daniel and I split, I started noticing I was letting too much of my personal issues take precedence in my writing and it wasn't good. The original purpose of this blog was to be a way to chart Owlfish's life growing up and our life as a family of two, mostly for my friends and family that live far away. But now that I seem to be gaining other readers, it's time to get back to the original reason for this page.  If for some reason you want to see my personal postings, you can head over to my tumblr, which is on the links to the right. I will warn you that it is personal for a reason and will sometimes be NSFW. But from here, only good things, especially about Owlfish. :)

Enjoy the full moon tonight and be safe!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Good hair days

Hello there~ I know I'm on a break from the internet this week and also haven't properly updated this blog since May, but I wanted to stop in real quick to post about something I don't want to forget. And yes, as evidenced y the above picture, Owlfish officially has long enough hair for BRAIDED pigtails. So basically I have a two-going-on-teenager in this house. It's so bizarre to think that about this time last year, we had finally made it to itty bitty tufted pigtails, but now boom.

Abbie, baby girl, you are growing so fast and still just as gorgeous everyday. Always my constant and in the words of Kait Payne, "Way way more than you know."

Saturday, June 07, 2014

22 / 52

-portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week of 2014-

Abbie- (backlogged post to the day of the picture) My parents got a new couch from my brother's girlfriend's family and it's become prime nap time location for all of us in the house.

This picture was taken with my iPhone 5c, edited in the Afterlight app.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

21 / 52

-portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week of 2014-

Abbie- (backlogged post to the day of the picture) We've reached a co-sleeping stage, so most of her naps happen on my bed with me while I'm working, reading, or sometimes getting in a nap as well. Still haven't quite kicked the bink habit yet.

This picture was taken with my iPhone 5c, no edits.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

20 / 52

-portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week of 2014-

Abbie- Was the flower girl for the wedding of two of my closest friends, her adoptive aunt and uncle as well. She made me so proud this day by how well behaved she was during the ceremony and watching her dance at the reception with everyone. More on this wedding soon!

This picture was taken with my iPhone 5c, no edits.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

19 / 52

-portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week of 2014-

Abbie- Hung out with Aunt Voni today to get "buh-grrs" and go on random adventures.

This picture was taken with my iPhone 5c, no edits.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

"I'm so lucky."


"Because, silly, I have you!"

Today marks my third Mother's Day with my wonderful daughter. She let me sleep in, went with her grandpa to get me flowers, and was sweet all day. I couldn't be more blessed and I know it. Stayed in today with my family for mimosas, home cooked meals, and movies all day. I may not have a great relationship with most of my family, including my own mother, but I'm forever grateful to them. I love my mom, I love my daughter, and I love my life. Cheesy, so sue. We're happy!

For last year's Mother's Day post and my words on being a mom, click here.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

18 / 52

-portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week of 2014-

Abbie- Dirty nap time feet. How to know it's almost summer time in our house.

This picture was shot with a Nikon D3000 with Af-S Nikkor 18-55 mm lens (the kit lens).

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Farmer's Market Saturdays

Yesterday, my dad took Owlfish and I with him to the Alpharetta Farmer's Market. My parents will quite often on payday weekends go shopping there for a good chunk of our produce and bread. As far as I know, Abbie had never been to one and while very grumpy through some of the walk, she enjoyed going table to table for the free samples (even if she didn't eat them.) She got to pet dogs and get her own cup of fresh squeezed lemonade as well. She was a pretty happy kid when she wasn't fussing.

She'll hate me one day for sharing this, but while at the main produce table (pictured below), Abbie snatched a cherry tomato from a basket of them on the table. I tried to stop her, but the sweet man selling the vegetables let her have it for free. So she smiled, took a huge bite of of it...only to then looked horrified, spit it out, and start crying. We assume that she thought it was a cherry or strawberry, which she loves. It was to adorable, even if she now looks at red fruit with caution now.

Friday, May 02, 2014

17 / 52

-portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week of 2014-

Abbie- She really does not like that I do all I can to keep her bink away from her. Major sass diva in this picture.

This picture was shot with a Nikon D3000 with Af-S Nikkor 18-55 mm lens (the kit lens). I have NO idea why Blogger made this picture so sepia looking, it's black and white in my folder, which is how I edited it to be. What's up with that?

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Maypole, Maypole, round'n'round

The May-pole is up,
Now give me the cup;
I'll drink to the garlands around it;
But first unto those
Whose hands did compose
The glory of flowers that crown'd it.

A health to my girls,
Whose husbands may earls
Or lords be, granting my wishes,
And when that ye wed
To the bridal bed,
Then multiply all, like to fishes.

-Robert Herrick -1591

Merry Beltane! Blessed Be from Owlfish & Family!

Today also means that my spring semester is finally over and Owlfish's last day of her first semester of daycare is tomorrow. So grateful to be done with this hellish semester and I'll be glad to finally have more time with Owlfish, even though she dearly loves her school, her friends, and her teacher. She's probably gonna take some time adjusting to being home during the week. But if things work out with school, she'll be going back during my summer semester, so I think she will be ok. She decided tonight to be mean and not eat her dinner, not entirely sure why. But she went to bed early, so I'm going to assume she's just worn out from playing outside finally today after all this crappy weather lately in the South. Hopefully you all have had great weather and a great Beltane wherever you are.

(picture via We<

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Life In Pictures

Abbie is officially using the toilet and using pull-ups! We still use diapers at night, but during the day and at her school, she's in pull-ups. So far so good and we've been lucky to only have one accident so far at home. But it's still really early, so that luck may not last. I plan to also crack back down on her bink use to only when she is napping/sleeping and she hates that. Wish me luck!

End of semester home stretch, so I've been absent from this blog and pretty much elsewhere except for tumblr and instagram (only because they are readily available on my phone in my short periods of downtime). So here's a new haul of pictures from the past week and a half. The mask pictures and two classroom pictures are from my studio classes' final exam performance art shows. I may not post pictures and video from mine because it's a little gritty for a family blog, so that may appear on my art page and tumblr if you want to view them.

Friday, April 25, 2014

16 / 52

-portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week of 2014-

Abbie- (backlogged post to the day of the picture) She received this little light up zebra from her Aunt Becky a while ago that we refund while cleaning, so we've been talking about stars lately.

This picture was taken with my iPhone 5c, no edits.