Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014

Shitty webcam pictures to show what most of my snow (see : ice) days have been like. Day Two of Snowpocalypse 2014 in metro Atlanta...pretty sure we've been all over the news since yesterday. "Amanda, how's it going?" you may ask? Let's see...

Clusterfuck closings everywhere yesterday? 

Rip open boot walking to the train when school decided in the middle of the bad weather to close? Check

Being on a Marta train that caught fire? 
Double Check

Having to wait on a single rail line for a northbound train for about 30 minutes? 

Arriving at my station only to stand in the weather for nearly four hours before learning the buses have stopped running completely and unless I want to hoof it, I have no way home? 
How'd you know?

Be the cause for my dad not getting home until 2 am because he was trying to come get me? 

Have to go back to Atlanta to find shelter with a good friend and her roommates? 
Oui oui

Feel like shit for having to stay another day because of continued bus suspension and road closes? 
Ya think?

Having to borrow said good friend's clothes so mine can at least be washed? 

Watching people have no sense of humor when you are doing your damnedest to not be miserable?

Listening to people who are safe in their own homes bitch about being stuck?
Naw, really?

Haven't seen or barely spoken to my kid since Tuesday morning, knowing she has no idea why I didn't come home?
I thought you'd never ask!

Needless to say, I am very bitter right now and feeling extremely petty about it. I know I shouldn't be deep down. Abbie and my family are home, completely safe. And I am beyond grateful to have a great friend like Shelbie and her wonderful roommates that are letting me bunk here for two days because of all this. I feel so shitty having to invade on them like this, but they have been so helpful and kind. This was a mess that could have been prevented and Georgia damn well knows it now. But it doesn't change that I, along with many, are still stuck in situations like this. So for now, I feel like my bitterness is well earned. I want to be home with my Owlfish. 

Dear Abbie, I'm sorry I'm not there with you and be with you to see your first snow. 
Please forgive me.

Dear Georgia, fuck off.

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