Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Hothlanta" Day Two

Maybe I spoke to soon yesterday about being grateful. After a real bad night last night, the inches of ice everywhere today, and now a sickly kiddo...well, my gratefulness has kinda worn off. I'm just bitter now and the cabin fever is NOT helping. The only good that has come of this ice is some more decent pictures, homework getting done, and a lot of napping with Owlfish as she tries to fight off a fever. So here's day two in pictures, except all that white stuff is ICE, now snow. (Snow is coming later tonight...yay...). My neighbors probably all think I'm some kinda creeper now that I've been hanging out my window or on the street with my camera for two days now...

This kid and her two different colored eyelashes. She's had them since birth. I'm so happy they haven't gone away.

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