Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2k14, Chapter 2

Yep. Round two of this years snow and ice has arrived. Thankfully this time, Georgia was smart about it and closed pretty much everything early on in the week. I went into the city yesterday to get some darkroom work done since I didn't have class that day, and during my last hour there, the campus announced that classes were cancelled starting today. Can you say grateful?! I got up out of Atlanta as soon as my work was done that night and I'm extremely glad to be home this time around. But Abbie still isn't very impressed by it all. See this:

Most of today has just been snow and some slush. No major ice yet. This has also been a great opportunity to work with my digital camera. The first leg of this snowpocalypse, I only had my film camera on me since it was required that day for my photo class. I got some pictures taken, but they aren't developed. As soon as I can develop them, I will and scan them here. But this time around, I have had my Nikon in hand most of the day. So here's a picture ridden post for the next chapter of "Hothlanta". (Yep, original, right?)

Hope you all are staying warm and safe! The weather is saying this may only get worse starting tomorrow! If you don't have to be anywhere, please stay home with your families and stay safe!

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