Saturday, February 01, 2014

Things I'm Obsessed With

I will only say this once.

This blog is an Anti-bullying zone

Bullying, in any way, shape or form, verbal, physical or NOT ok ever.

Stand up for what is right and stay strong. 

Do not be silent. Do not be shamed.

Speak up.

I did and I will never waver. 

You do not scare me.

Say no to bullying.

Now that that is out of the way, moving on.

(photo from pumpkin photography)

Merry Imbolc! Winter is starting to wan as spring approaches. Like a wheel that is turning, the Brigid Cross will bring the earth from winter to spring. It's a time of fire, renewal, and cleaning out, although there is a Mercury retrograde coming this month as well, so I'm not sure how much cleaning and renewing I will attempt to start yet. We'll see. For those curious about Imbolc, you can check the link to the left that's marked "Our Beliefs" or you can check out this pretty awesome Huffington Post article explaining the significance of this celebration.

Although given the recent weather in the south, is sure as hell doesn't feel like spring is coming. And I'm pretty sure tomorrow's groundhog will agree. But that's me begin a bit cynical. But the winter weather actual was the perfect opportunity for this week's TIOW post. This week's thing I'm obsessed with is:

Arm Warmers

Again, a mostly picture post. I've never really been a gloves or mittens person; they just always got in the way for me, even before having a cellphone. I used to (and still do!) cut the fingers off of my gloves to make hand warmers for myself and since I learned to knit, I've been knitting them as well. And I wear these accessories in the warmer days too, they just are made of lighter material. I pretty sure this love grew from my germaphobic phase in seventh grade, where I had to have my hands covered before I turned knobs or opened doors. These days, whether for use or to be fancy, arm warmers are pretty another much a staple in my wardrobe.

Think you could rock these too?

(all arm warmer pictures from, although I found out the white lace ups are from Zen and Coffee etsy)

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