Sunday, April 20, 2014

First Egg Hunt

Hey guys! Hope you all had a happy Easter/Eostere/what ever you see fit that happened today (yeah yeah 4/20, I know that happened too). It was a pretty exciting day around our home because not only did Owlfish receive her own tricycle today (she doesn't get pedaling yet, but we're learning), but went on her first official Easter egg hunt. This is her third easter and in previous years, she was just too young to get the whole egg concept. But she was all over it this year, running around our backyard picking up eggs hidden for her. She brought quite a haul in today. Her easter basket was pretty full of fun Disney themed things, but so far, it looks like her favorite gift was a purple slinky! Go figure. :) Meanwhile, I'm just glad for dark chocolate eggs, mimosas, and the fact there's only about two weeks left of spring semester for me. 

My favorite picture of today. Nine months of love and I grew this and she is beautiful. 
This girl. She makes my day and every day. <3

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